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Birthday Party


Birthday parties are great fun, aren’t they? Everyone enjoys them; whether you are old, young, or it’s just a kid’s party, birthday parties are quite something. But organizing birthday parties can be a whole different affair.  

Organizing birthday parties can be a stressful job if you don’t know what you are doing. Booking venues, planning themes, buying props, deciding guest lists, preparing the menu, and much more is part of the hassle.   

However, Birthday parties should not be putting you in a miserable position. Deciding on birthday party place and ideas is definitely important and should be done on priority. If you want to know some birthday party places and ideas, keep reading for amazing tips. 

Birthday Party Places  

Bowling Alley

Bowling Alley is one of the most popular, widely accepted birthday party places. Typically bowling Alleys work the best for younger kids/teens who really enjoy bowling and other games.  

Depending on the size of the venue and their services, you will be able to arrange food and drinks as well. The place can also be decorated, and people could always come dressed up for a particular theme.  

With a little bit of extra money spent, you could completely book the Alley for extra privacy.  Bowling Alleys make for a fun Birthday party Place. There are quite a few ways in which you could make it unique and add your own twist to it. 

Bounce House

This is a great birthday party idea or even a birthday party place for younger kids.  Big bouncy houses can entertain groups of children for quite some time. If you are planning an outdoor birthday party, a bouncy house is a great idea. 

A bouncy house can also be a great idea for adults. There is nothing more fun than just bouncing around and playing with your friends, after all.   

Bouncy houses are a great idea if you have invited a lot of people to your party. Bouncy houses can hold a varying degree of people and thus, must be checked for their capacity beforehand. 


A Restaurant is an ideal place for a more mature audience. A good restaurant is a great birthday party place. It is also a great birthday party idea since you won’t really have to worry about the menu. It could be A Buffet or la Carte, and everyone could get what they like.  

A lot of restaurants have a separate party hall. This provides a unique opportunity to have a private space with decorations and a lot more freedom. The staff can help you decorate and serve people while you enjoy your birthday party and play games.  

It is a great idea to look for restaurants that cater to large groups and are ready to offer their services specifically for a birthday party well in advance. This is because restaurants are quite famous as birthday party places. 


A place that is even more adult in nature, Bar, and lounges are great for people who like having a drink or two.  As a birthday party place, Bars are similar to restaurants, except bars focus on snacks more than they focus on main course meals. Bar and lounges can be a great birthday party place, particularly if you have a small to the mid-size group. 

Bar’s and lounges are sometimes busier than restaurants. It is thus advisable that you enquire beforehand about the availability of space. Although there might not be a scope for decorations, you could still have a themed birthday party and can probably ask the staff for themed drinks.

Birthday Party

Amusement Park

A great birthday party place is an Amusement park. Amusement parks are a great birthday party idea since you can spend quite a lot of time at these places. Another added benefit is that you can integrate the amusement park with other venues to have a memorable day. 

You can spend your day at an amusement park while you can spend your evening doing something else. It is great for kids who like to spend their birthday parties having fun. Amusement parks can be a good birthday party place for adults as well. 

Laser Tag/Paintball

Laser Tag and paintball offer a new and exciting experience for a lot of people out there. Whether it’s your kids or you as a parent, everyone is bound to enjoy both these activities. Most of the arenas offer snacks and drinks as well.  

It is possible to book certain places completely for a private and incredible experience as well. So, if you have a lot of people coming for your party and you want to keep them entertained for an hour or so, both these activities are excellent birthday party places.

Arcade Visits

You know this is meant for the parents and their kids. Arcades are by no means a recent phenomenon. In many places, it is becoming difficult to find good arcades. But if your locality has a good arcade, it is time to revisit some old memories and let your kids experience a whole new world of gaming.  

Arcades can be booked completely as well, and if you are willing to spend that kind of money, you better ensure you have a large number of people coming to party with you. You should definitely try arcades as a birthday party place.  

Indoor Extreme Sports

A lot of indoor facilities have opened up throughout the world that offer an insight into the world of indoor sports and adventure. These are some unique birthday party places. Some of these facilities offer a ton of activities such as rock climbing, zip-lining, go-karting, tennis courts, skating rinks, and much more. 

If you or your kids are into physical activities, you should definitely consider indoor sports arenas as a great birthday party place and idea. While it is difficult to find drinks and snacks in such places, you can instead finish all your activities in an arena and simply go someplace else. 

Pool Party

For this, you can either have your own pool or rent a pool area. A pool party is quite a nice touch on normal birthday parties. If you have a pool at your home, you can have a nice barbecue and drinks while people enjoy relaxing in the pool. Kids enjoy pool parties a lot.  

If you don’t have a pool, a lot of private properties offer their pools and surrounding areas for specific purposes. You can for your arranging a birthday party place, enquire about private pools. 

Party Cruise

If you have more budget to spare, you should look into party cruises as birthday party places and ideas. A lot of private cruises are available for a reasonable price to be rented out for private parties. It is recommended that such parties be done without the presence of a younger audience. Sea safety is something that should be taken seriously, and kids tend to rebel in times like these.  

Adults, too, can be a handful in certain situations like this. Always ensure your and your passengers’ safety before you begin your birthday party. 

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are one of the most fantastic and highly recommended birthday party places and ideas. Escape rooms are live-action role-playing games that everyone, regardless of their age, can enjoy.  

Escape rooms offer various themes and rooms. This means that you can search for escape rooms that cater to your needs and have a themed birthday party. A lot of escape rooms also offer drinks and snacks. 

Since the rise of escape rooms, escape rooms have become one of the most popular birthday party places and ideas. Thus, it is best to book and enquire about such places well in advance. Escape rooms can be quite fun, even with larger groups.

Birthday Party


This is strictly for grownups. Sometimes all you need is a soothing and relaxing massage to get through the day. Having a massage or spa treatment on your birthday could be your own way of celebrating your birthday with people you like and hold dear.  

It is definitely a unique and interesting concept. If you want a spa or massage center as your birthday place or idea, enquire at your local place about offers available as well. 

Movie Theatres

Movies theatres are a great choice for a birthday party place an idea if you are interested in them. They are one of the most popular spots for having birthday parties as a kid. A lot of people go to movie theatres to celebrate their birthday and watch a movie of their choice.  

Karaoke Nights

This is really something that can be done either at your own home or at a karaoke bar. Either way, Karaoke is a great birthday party idea. And if you visit a karaoke bar, then it is a great birthday party place. 

Zoo & Museums

Zoos still remain one of the most sought-after places by kids and a decent birthday party place. Children just love watching and observing wildlife. Zoos understand this and have a lot of options to celebrate their birthday. You can shop for souvenirs and have snacks in most zoos nowadays.   

Another great birthday party place is to visit museums. Depending on your or your kid’s interest, you can visit a number of different types of museums. This can be part of a fun day out. Where it starts from the zoo and museums, continues to escape rooms, and ends with a nice dinner.  


One of the most unique and recent phenomena in the birthday party scene has been the inclusion of Gyms. You can now book different kinds of recreational or professional gyms and have a birthday party. Gyms too are now a possible birthday party place

If the crowd at the birthday party does not mind physical activities and playing physical games, gyms are a great idea. You can arrange decorations, and not worry about your kids since they too can enjoy themselves in such places.  

Gymboree is also a popular birthday party place and idea for kids and their friends. If you have toddlers or small children attending, it is best to look for places with a Gymboree as they can stay active and engaged throughout the party. 


Birthday party places and ideas can be difficult things to compile and execute. You need to prepare a lot and think about a lot of things. However, with these 16 birthday party places and ideas, you will be ready to arrange a great birthday party.  

Remember to add your own creativity and heart to it. Make sure everything you plan is fun and enjoyable. A birthday party is a special event that is quite memorable for people involved. This is especially true if it’s a kid’s birthday party. While they might not remember it when they grow up, it means a lot to them.

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Birthday Party Places & Ideas 

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