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Although many people are still confusing blockchain technology with “Bitcoin”, it could be further from the truth. In fact, blockchain technology has hundreds of use cases besides cryptocurrency, which includes blockchain-based healthcare solutions.

In this article, you will discover the top five blockchain healthcare apps available nowadays. They might happen to be a great way to diversify your investments when you decide to buy bitcoin.


Nowadays, there are 800,000 deaths around the world every year associated with the consumption of falsified medicines.

Founded in 2016, Paris-based company Blockpharma builds a blockchain-based solution for drug traceability and anti-counterfeiting. Focused on the supply chain, the mechanism uses blockchain technology to scan the chain of supplies and double-check all shipment points.

After a detailed search, Blockpharma’s app helps patients to know whether they are taking falsified medicines via the SCM system, which is also a blockchain-based tool. This way, the company takes 15% of all fake medicines around the world out of circulation.

Once a consumer onboards Blockpharma’s app, he/she can verify the authenticity of a medicine box in seconds. However, the app does not stop here, as the mechanism will provide more information about the medicine.


Primarily focused on blockchain-powered cybersecurity solutions, Guardtime is established in Irvine, CA. The company’s approach is to help healthcare companies and governments by implementing blockchain into their cybersecurity tools and methods.

The team behind the project has the mission to make the world’s information “universally reliable,” which means using blockchain properties to secure and validate healthcare data around the world.

Amongst the company’s flagship products, it’s possible to highlight:

  • Mida – a blockchain-based solution focused on cloud computing and IoT (Internet of Things) infrastructure
  • Guardtime Health – a product focused on drug pricing
  • VaccineGuard – a distributed ecosystem where users can exchange health data
  • KSI Cash – a unique digital money platform

The company’s impact can be felt around the globe, as Guardtime was crucial to help to implement blockchain in Estonia’s healthcare systems. Also, the company recently signed a deal to bring blockchain-based solutions to the United Arab Emirates.


Based in Atlanta, GA, Patientory is a tech company focused on blockchain-based solutions that reunite healthcare and IT. The company’s idea is to empower customers with insights from health data, enabling them to control their health outcomes.

In blockchain’s terms, Patientory employs end-to-end encryption to store patient data. This way, users can share their health data without concerning about its safety. The project built a platform in which patients, healthcare providers, and doctors can access health data, storing and transferring selected information when necessary.

One of the main advantages of Patientory is the efficiency and user-friendly properties associated with the app’s blockchain-based interface. As this solution reunites all patient information under one roof, it is easier to move around the healthcare industry.

As the company continues to develop its healthcare solutions, Patientory focuses a lot on spreading the idea of using blockchain for health-related purposes. To achieve it, the company hosts summits and conferences to discuss and learn about blockchain-based healthcare applications with hundreds of professionals.  If they succeed, we wouldn’t be surprised if their cryptocurrency price started to pump.

SimplyVital Health

SimplyVital Health is a company that wants to revolutionize healthcare by using AI, blockchain technology, and enterprise software. Based in Watertown, Massachusetts, the company is building a decentralized platform to serve as an open-sourced database for users.

This way, healthcare providers can access a patient’s blockchain to check pertinent information whenever it may be necessary.

Powered by blockchain technology, SimplyVital permits healthcare professionals to access important medical information to coordinate medical efforts in a more efficient way. Hence, they can save lives and solve patients’ issues much quicker than traditional methods.

Recently, the company partnered with Shivom, genomics, and precision medicine project, to create a Global Healthcare Blockchain Alliance. Reunited, both companies envision the optimal use of blockchain security tools to protect DNA sequencing data.


London-based Medicalchain wants to revolutionize the electronic health record industry by providing a unique blockchain-based solution. As there is no better way to maintain the integrity of health records than recording them on the blockchain, the company wants to use its unique functionalities to create a single point of truth.

The platform’s main purpose is to allow doctors, hospitals, and laboratories to request patient data certified and protected under an original record. This way, it is possible to protect the patient’s identity while keeping it under a single roof.

In mid-2018, Medicalchain released the endeavor, which is a telemedicine platform where patients can consult with their doctors without being physically present. Also, customers can pay for consultations using “MedTokens”, which are digital assets issued by the platform.

Final Thoughts

Blockchain is not just “the future’s technology,” but a crucial way to develop new solutions for thousands of segments that are already available today. In this context, many companies use blockchain technology to improve the efficiency, security, and user experience associated with healthcare providers.

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Top 5 Blockchain Healthcare Apps

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