Boris Brejcha Net Worth


Boris Brejcha is a German music producer who has been earning a lot of respect as an electronic music artist. He is known for his innovative style of trance music and his unique approach to music production.

Early life 

Boris Brejcha was born in Ludwigshafen (Germany) in 1981. Throughout his childhood, he had to deal with a few unfortunate events. He suffered severe injuries in the Ramstein air disaster when he was six years old and spent months in the hospital. He still has a lot of scars from the severe burns today. Boris withdrew and discovered his interest in music after classmates teased him. He fell in love with “Thunderdome” after a middle school friend gave him a CD. He wanted to learn how to make this new kind of electronic music and was dying to. Therefore, as a hobby, he began producing electronic music at the age of twelve.


Boris Brejcha is a true pioneer in the electronic music scene. His career began at a young age when he first learned to play the piano. Later, he learned to play the drums and guitar. Eventually, he was able to get a home studio set up and started producing tracks. He later went on to become a DJ. The first album he produced was called Space Diver, and it quickly became a hit. It was followed by Feuerfalter (2010) and Universe (2011).

Boris Brejcha has also released other EPs on various labels. He has been working as a producer since 2006. His main focus is to create music that will make people dance. Initially, his music was focused on producing drum and bass tracks, but he soon switched to producing electronic music.

He has performed at several clubs and festivals around the world. He was named “Exceptional Talent” by Raveline in 2007. Since then, he has been performing at Ultra Music Festival and Tomorrowland. His fifth album, 22, was released in 2016. One of his recent performances was at the Hi Ibiza club. He is also the founder of his record label, Fckng Serious.

His mask has also been essential ever since. Boris went with the Joker mask as his signature because he was inspired by the Brazilian Carnival. His music quickly gained popularity across the globe. Then came a slew of gigs, including ones in Russia and South America.

Boris has continued to grow as an artist and has made music his full-time occupation. Boris gave his extraordinary music a name by naming it “High-Tech-Minimal,” a genre he created specifically for it. He then released music on Harthouse and Autist Records. He was named “exceptional talent 2007” by the music magazine “Raveline.”

Net worth 

One of the wealthiest and most well-known music producers is Boris Brejcha. Our analysis of Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider indicates that Boris Brejcha has a $5 million net worth.

Social media 

He has several hobbies, which include internet surfing, traveling, and reading. His music is also highly popular on social networking sites, including Instagram. He has over a million followers on the platform. For more information about Boris Brejcha, visit his official website.


He is single at the moment. He is not in a relationship. We don’t know much about His previous relationships or whether or not he was engaged. Our database says that he doesn’t have any children.


Boris Brejcha has become one of the most sought-after DJs in the world, receiving multiple awards and performing across Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia. His music is deeply rooted in minimal techno but also draws influence from electro-house, progressive house, and trance. 

Brejcha’s success can be attributed to his innovative approach to production which blends traditional sounds with cutting-edge effects and unconventional samples. His music has been featured on numerous compilations over the years including Ministry of Sound’s ‘Tech House Anthems’ series as well as Fabric London’s ‘Fabriclive’ compilation album.

In 2007, he was awarded the Exceptional Talent Award by Raveline magazine.


In conclusion, Boris Brejcha is an incredible artist whose hard work and dedication to his craft have enabled him to reach levels of success that many only dreams of. His unique sound and production style have been a breath of fresh air for the EDM community, allowing fans to experience something innovative and new in their music. Not only has his work been critically acclaimed, but it’s also gained a massive following amongst dance music lovers worldwide.

Boris Brejcha Net Worth

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