6 Steps to Build Your Dream House

Build Your Dream House

Are you one of those who dream of one day building your own home? We tell you what you need to know in 6 easy steps.

Discover the 6 steps to build your house.

The moment has come! You have a tremendous illusion of being able to design your house and you have infected your family! But, at the same time, you find yourself scared because you don’t really know what you need or where to start.

To sell your old house visit to American Home Buyer. The decision to sell your old house and build your new house is both exciting and terrifying. On the one hand, you are full of happiness and you already see yourself enjoying yourself in the garden or cooking in your new kitchen, and on the other, you are scared of making mistakes or having your budget run out of control.

Arriving at your home and being able to say: ” I am in my dream home ” is something that we would all love.

Today I have compiled a series of steps to build a house that you must take into account to avoid setbacks and to bring the project of your future home to fruition.

1. Finding a piece of land

The first step is the location. Do you already have a piece of land that you own or do you need one? In the first case, you need advice from a technician to know what could be built in it in the second if you turn to an architect from this moment he could advise you not only regarding the urban suitability of the land that you and your family are looking for, but also You will be able to receive advice on questions related to the evaluation of different options.

If you and your family, for example, value 3 options … What would be the best terrain?

As you can see, whether you have a plot of land or if you need to locate one, having the advice of an independent technician from that first moment will ensure that you can make the final decision right. Keep in mind that you have to assess issues such as the orientation of the site, the slope, or the type of soil, (of course urban issues) since all these issues can have repercussions and impact on the prices at the end of the construction.

My advice is that before buying, check with your trusted architect as he will be able to tell you, in a completely objective and disinterested way, if the land may have any inconvenience that you may have overlooked.

2. Find the ideal professional for you, your trusted architect

This advice may surprise you, but here we leave you a minimal list of the “basic virtues” that the architect should gather to build the house of your choice:


Find out if that professional, architect, or architecture studio, is serious and rigorous. To do this, you can consult with former clients, see their old work, investigate their website … A quick search of these questions will help you to assess before a first meeting if you think they may be worthy of your trust. Of course, I find it essential that you meet personally and values ​​as it is in individual treatment. If after this first meeting you feel that there is “a feeling”, another tip that I propose is that you sign a contract, in which the steps to follow and the time limits for each of the design phases (previous sketches, parts of the project, construction management, etc.). Do not forget that like any liberal professional each one establishes his own fees.

Trusted Architecture

My final advice is that being rigorous when choosing a professional is, to a large extent, what will mean that the experience of building your future home is a process in which you participate and enjoy living it like an ordeal, well Failure to focus solely on the financial issue can lead to a ruinous end result, as “cheap is expensive” most of the time.

Sustainability and energy efficiency:

We are in the 21st century and it is important for the professional to know and introduce you to new energy-saving and heating cost-saving systems, for example, that allow your future home not to involve an energy mortgage to the large one. So issues such as energy efficiency, the use of the sun, or geothermal and aerothermal are issues to assess for savings in future housing bills. In addition, all these systems mean greater comfort and an improvement in the quality of life of families. My advice is that use the fiber optic for your network connection as this is the latest technology. This site can help you to find fiber optics engineers.


Health is an essential criterion in the design of any home. We prioritize the choice and construction with natural materials, non-polluting or harmful, natural lighting is essential, as well as ventilation or humidity in the environment.


As I always say to each of my clients, “building your house is not the same as building YOUR HOME.” We are going to spend a lot of time together, designing and building your home, therefore one of my biggest goals is to build a home where you can be HAPPY with your family, walk through the door, and know that this house suits you and your family. like a glove.

3. Work on the design of the house

It is time to start designing your home. Each professional has a way of working, but it is time to dream and enjoy a million ideas, but you have to keep your feet on the ground and design at the same time that the material execution budget is made.

For example, we from Arte y Vida Arquitectura work from minute one side by side with our clients, working from the beginning with our own method, choosing materials and the distribution of spaces without losing sight of the budget. Discover how are the mood boards that we make for each of our projects and how a mood board can help you in the project of your future home.

In art and life, we ​​work and define how you would like to live, how you imagine each space, depending on how you are, what you like, what you are passionate about, what places make you feel special, or what excites you in your day-to-day life. All this from the hand of the budget so that each decision is accompanied by an economic decision, and then we do not get scared in the construction.

Home Structure

4. Construction and construction permits

This is a mandatory administrative step since the project has to comply with numerous state, regional and municipal regulations. The urban regulations of each municipality, such as alignments, setbacks, heights, buildability, etc. It is a procedure that depends on the municipalities, so the estimate is approximate but not less than 3 months. If you hire the right equipment from a company like Millennium Leasing you don’t even have to contact anyone to do it for you.

It is important to know for the budget estimation that in this phase a% of the material execution budget is paid in concept of Tax on constructions, installations, and works, it also depends on the ordinance of each of the municipalities that will be in a range between 1% and 5%.

5. The financing. Do you need a mortgage?

These are the steps in negotiating with the bank to obtain the mortgage:

The bank must be presented with the execution project endorsed by the association of architects and said the bank will make a proposal. It is important to know that it is a developer mortgage that is different from buying a home. The bank will give us money through the work certifications made by the Construction Management.

Indicate that the bank will ask us to contract a ten-year self-promoter insurance, established by the Building Regulation Law, but this was repealed in the case of the individual self-promoter of a single home for own use.

Although it must be taken into account that if a transfer of ownership occurs within a period provided for by law, the self-promoter is obliged to contract the guarantee referred to in the previous section for the time remaining to complete the ten years. If the ten-year insurance is contracted, it is mandatory to contact the Quality Control plan to the Technical Control Body. It is in charge of quality control of the structural elements during construction.

6. The construction of your house

Once the building license is granted, we can start the construction of the work but first, we have to have carried out a search for builders and building materials. ADA Fastfix are a building materials supplier with great prices that you should consider.

I recommend no more than three to be able to make a comparison between the different offers. Said builders will be given a measurement document without prices so that they can offer their price and therefore the final price of the work. This document is made up of all the work measurements, the materials that we have decided in the design process, the qualities, etc… with which all the builders will offer you the same.

With this document, we will be able to check it among the three offers and be able to decide which is our best option, or it will allow us to negotiate with each of them, since it may not be the cheapest, but the one that has presented a more consistent offer.

Once the design is closed and the building permit has been requested, it is time to look for a builder. We recommend that you always call what is called a builders’ contest, which is nothing more than a comparison between different offers based on the same design proposal. in the project of your future home.

Did you like the article? Has this procedure been useful to you to build a house? Visit the home improvement section for more articles.

6 Steps to Build Your Dream House

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