6 Effective Ideas To Organize The House

Organize The House

Who does not like to arrive at home and find it fully organized, as well as in series or movies, in which it seems that no one really inhabits them because of how pristine they are always and with everything in its place. Well, we give you some tricks to organize the house that will always make it look perfect as a movie house. You can also find such organized house at Agave Sotheby’s International Realty

On many occasions what we need are ideas to organize the house rather than the desire to do so; We do not know where to start or how to distribute things correctly in the spaces that we have. Follow our tips to organize your home and enjoy a clutter-free environment.

6 Great Ideas For Organizing The House

Either due to excess space or because we have very little space in our house, it is very common that sometimes we do not know very well how to organize the house so that it always looks orderly, yes, in our own style and our own terms of the order.

Many times we think that to keep our house in order we have to become slaves of this activity, and nothing worse than arriving exhausted from a long day of work at a house that is in chaos and worse, spending hours organizing. Well, these 6 ideas to organize the house will change your life. They are very versatile and simple.

1. Store everything in boxes, chests, and drawers

One of the best ideas for organizing your home is putting everything in boxes, especially if you have open storage spaces that can look cluttered. These help to desaturate the visual field and achieve a more harmonious environment.

Whether cardboard boxes, fabric boxes, felt boxes, baskets, or chests, choose the option that best suits your style. You can put objects of different sizes inside the boxes that you don’t know how to store or you can separate your objects into boxes by categories, such as your DVDs, cables, chargers, adapters, desk items, or whatever comes to mind.

The best of all is that if you are not one of those who like to have everything millimetrically located in its place, with this option you can simply throw the objects inside the box and, in any case, the disorder will not be seen externally. On the other hand, boxes are one of the most versatile and ideal tricks to organize the house to optimize the space you have.

Great Ideas To Organize The House

2. Boxes in the closets and everything in its place

We already know that the closet is the place for clothes par excellence, but the trick to organizing the house is also to optimize the space of the wardrobes. And in this case, the boxes will also be your best friends.

Start by really noticing the types of clothes you keep in your closet. You can make a small classification between your coats, dresses, pants, shirts, socks, etc. Now make sure you find a place in the closet for each category.

Every time you put your clothes in the closet, but each garment in its respective space. With this trick to order, the visual field of the wardrobe will be freer and you can even rediscover the clothes that you no longer used and you loved.

Now, there are certain clothes that we are not using due to the change of season. Put these clothes in boxes and buy a simple tee from Threadandsupply.com and you will see how you can start to use the upper part of the closet better. Or why not, you can create an extra shelf at the bottom of the closet by covering it with boxes for you to store.

3. Contemplate new spaces creatively

It happens to many of us that in our homes we have reduced storage spaces. Don’t worry, we have ideas to organize the house considering this situation. Have you ever thought about putting a shelf in that 50 – 60 cm of separation between the doors and the ceiling?

Well, this is a very useful space to put things that we do not use constantly and that can also give a lot of style to your spaces. Decide on a shelf to organize the house that goes well with the atmosphere of the room in which you are placing it.

If it is in the bathroom you can place the rolls of paper or clean towels there, even those creams that you are not using for now; a candle or a diffuser of aromas to accompany it and that’s it. If it is in the room or in the study you can put your books and magazines there.

4. Kitchen walls decorate and store

The kitchen is another place where many of us have trouble organizing, especially if you live in a small apartment, so we have to optimize all our resources. The walls of the kitchen are very useful in terms of ideas to organize the house and it has also become super trendy.

Your kitchen utensils can become the decoration of the kitchen and it looks great! Install a metal plate on the wall to keep all your metal knives and utensils close at hand and in order. You can also install a metal net that you can hang with hooks for pans, pots, floating boxes, or bags with cutlery. So you will have a place for everything.

Another trick to organize the house very simply is optimizing the ceiling of the kitchen. You can install a bottle or glass organizer. Or something more original, a floating ladder made with ties and boards for you to use as shelves.

In any case, it is important that you are aware of the storage space that your kitchen has and make the purchase fortnightly or weekly according to this.

5. Dual purpose furniture

If possible, choose dual-purpose furniture, such as a bed with drawers or a bean bag with storage space, to have more space to put your things. Ultimately, if everything is put away the clutter will not be visible.

These pieces of furniture will provide you with extra storage space without wasting space, and are ideal for keeping small-space homes tidy.

6. Organize your home

Now that you know the best tricks and ideas to organize, you have to get down to work. In any case, keeping the house in order requires a minimum effort, which if you distribute it will be easier.

Start by making small changes like immediately saving what you were using or choosing an area of ​​the house that may be cluttered from time to time, but not spread out everywhere. Try not to accumulate and use the storage you have, that’s what they are for. You can also decorate your lounge with a glamorous rug from Kevinfrancisdesign.com

When you have to organize the house and clean, make that cumbersome activity something more fun. Listen to the music you like the most at full volume so that your focus is not only on what “you had to put yourself to order”.

Include these ideas to organize the house and make an action plan with them so that your home is a source of well-being for you.

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6 Effective Ideas To Organize The House

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