The Only Building Maintenance Checklist You Need

building maintenance checklist

Buildings, whether residential or commercial, aren’t one-and-done investments. They require a good amount of care and maintenance in order to last.

Over 70% of property managers are responsible for repairs and maintenance. If the process is done poorly, you can be sure problems will abound down the road due to neglect.

Putting together a well-thought-out building maintenance checklist will help ensure your structure avoids any major issues down the road.

Key Areas in Need of Maintenance

Whether you work in commercial building management or residential building maintenance, there are some important areas to focus on. Here are some key areas of any facility that require regular maintenance.

HVAC Systems

Your building’s HVAC systems should be inspected at least twice a year. This will help ensure they’re ready to handle any potential harsh summer or winter weather conditions affecting your building.


Lighting systems need to be checked to ensure they’re installed correctly or don’t need replacement. This includes all indoor installations and outdoor fixtures.


When putting together your building maintenance schedule, plumbing is one area never to leave out. Leaks and system issues can crop up without regular reinforcement, lubrication, and overall system inspection.

Exterior Property Areas

Reviewing the exterior of your building helps you find problems before they become larger issues. These may include chipped paint, overgrown weeds, or broken windows.

Interior Building Structure

Be sure to inspect the finer details of the building found inside. Regular maintenance will help you spot flooring, wall, door locks, fire alarms, and bathroom issues.

Building Maintenance Checklist

Now that you know which main areas to check during maintenance procedures, it’s time to go through the process. Here is the ultimate checklist for building maintenance.

Building Inspection

The inspection process helps you determine if each system is functioning. Analyze each aspect of the building on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, looking for anything that deviates from normal function.

Problem Detection

This next step refers to the process in which you mark structures or systems that are causing problems. Note when or how frequently they’re occurring.

Issue Correction

Put together a list of action items to correct the detected problems. Use the proper resources to address them as quickly as possible so they don’t require more costly remedies down the road.

Prevention of Future Issues

Run reports on the issues that occurred and how you addressed them. This will help prevent similar issues in the future.

If you want to work with reputable contractors that will follow these steps and ensure proper building maintenance, you can know more here.

Improve Your Facility Management Building Maintenance Today

We hope this building preventive maintenance checklist helps you know what to look for when conducting your analysis. Ensure the longevity of your building by following this building maintenance checklist; you’ll prevent larger problems by addressing these items early on.

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The Only Building Maintenance Checklist You Need

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