5 Reasons to Get Your Business on TikTok

Business on TikTok

There are around 689 million active monthly TikTok users across the globe. And this number just continues to soar.

Every day that your business is not marketing on TikTok, you’re losing out on engaging with a massive audience.

This is just one huge reason why you should get your business on Tiktok. Still not convinced? Keep reading for more compelling reasons jump onto the hot social media platform today.

1. You Can Reach a Huge Audience

One of the most important reasons to use TikTok is the sheer number of people on the app. While it’s dominated by a younger audience (around 16 – 34 years old), the platform is booming at an insane rate.

The app has been downloaded over 2 billion times, which is a testament to the massive audience that your business isn’t engaging with. If your target market is in the 16 to 34 age range, then it’s especially important to get onto TikTok straight away.

However, even if you have an older target market, TikTok is growing by the day.

2. There is Real Engagement With Your Audience

The followers on TikTok are not passive. The app is centered around an immersive experience and authentic engagement. Video content keeps your audience engaged and focused.

This means that users are dedicating their attention to you. For a couple of seconds, you will have all of their focus. Use it wisely and you’ve got a strong marketing channel.

3. Your Competition Is Already Doing It (Even Better If They’re Not)

There’s no doubt that businesses are slowly getting started on TikTok and use the app to its full advantage. Brands that have a young target audience are especially rife on the platform.

Chances are that your competition is already using TikTok, which means you’re falling behind. And, if your competition isn’t using the app, then it’s your opportunity to get ahead.

4. Organic and Paid Post Opportunities

There is plenty of opportunity for organic and paid posts on TikTok which is great for any business on social media. If you stay up-to-date with trends and hashtag challenges, for example, you’ll boost your posts and traffic organically.

While you can pump money into advertising on the app, you simply don’t need to. This means that you can compete with brands that have a huge marketing budget simply by using some TikTok tips and tricks.

5. Influencer Marketing Potential is Huge

Influencer marketing is another important reason why you should use TikTok. In fact, this is one of the only social media platforms where influencer marketing actually works.

You can reach out to potential influencers or simply keep an eye out for opportunities to capitalize on their trends.

Are You Ready to Boost Your Brand and Business on TikTok?

There’s no doubt that getting your business on TikTok opens up a world of opportunity to boost brand awareness, organic traffic, and revenue. So, what are you waiting for?

Did you find this post interesting? Our site is full of marketing tips and tricks to boost your business today — keep exploring for more!

5 Reasons to Get Your Business on TikTok

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