Career Opportunities After Logistics and Supply Chain Diploma?

Logistics and Supply Chain

Logistics and supply chain deal with learning about transportation of goods to consumers.

And are you aware of the best way to step foot into this industry as a graduate?

Well, it’s by pursuing logistics courses in Singapore!

Believe it or not, programmes related to shipping offered in Singapore can have a huge impact in furthering your eligibility to take up logistics and supply chain job roles.

Keep reading o get enlightened about some of the coolest career paths that you can tread right after completing a logistics and supply chain Diploma programme in Singapore!

Supply Chain Analyst

You will need to analyse supply chain data to recommending improvements to boost brand performance and reduce shipping costs.

Logistics Analyst

These specialists coordinate and evaluate the logistical functions within a supply chain company or an organisation dealing with logistics.


Your primary responsibility here in logistics will be to work towards solving supply-chain operation problems for the business, as well as its clients.

Customer Service

The regular activities of this role are targeted towards adding value to the core service ꟷ what customers want and ways to maximise their satisfaction.

Production Planner

They estimate the amount of material, equipment, and
the storage of partially finished orders to develop suitable production schedules.

Master Scheduler

You need to be an expert at avoiding material and item shortages, to make room for efficient and optimised allocation of resources.

Sales Order Planner

This position involves planning for any expected sales orders and ensures the satisfaction and demand of the customer.

Logistics Manager

In this case, you will be directing, optimizing and coordinating the full order cycle by planning and managing logistics, warehouse, transportation and customer services.


Your focus lays on the correct arrival of supplies to the correct customer by coordinating with transportation inspectors, specialists, and coordinators.

Purchasing Manager

The professionals holding this position are specialized implements cost-effective purchase of all materials and services that are in line with quality control.

Inventory Manager

They lead a team of warehouse employees to receive and document new stock of deliveries for being shipped out.

Supply-Chain Manager

These experts negotiate contracts with customers and suppliers, as well as control manufacturing and delivery processes.

Purchasing Marine Officer

Your responsibilities here include evaluating negotiating contracts, vendors and preparing reports about orders and costs.

Deck Engineer

Oversee all transport and logistics vacancies, and typically work as part of the engineering department as a leader.

Marine Co-Ordinate

These experts deal with material support in the design acquisition, storage, development, movement, distribution, maintenance, evacuation, and disposition of materials.

The field of logistics and supply chain management is as vast as the universe itself!

But, once you have entered the industry, it is easy to climb up the success ladder and ultimately bag a handsome package.

Log on to our website for more insight into the Diploma programme and what it’s like to be a student in Singapore!

Career Opportunities After Logistics and Supply Chain Diploma?

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