Choosing Assisted Living for a Loved One

Home Care vs. Assisted Living

There comes a time in your life (and in your loved ones’ life) when you have to make some difficult decisions. The decision for a loved one to move home may be challenging, but it may be necessary. Talking about assisted living can be difficult – especially if your loved one is fiercely dependent, but it should be a conversation that you have sooner rather than later. When you start talking about assisted living, and you start looking at options, you then can make an informed choice for their future. So, to make the conversations a little bit easier, what should you be taking into account?

What Assisted Living Can Offer 

Firstly, you must think about what assisted living can offer a loved one. If they are struggling at mealtimes, or if they are struggling with general tasks – then they will need support. Assisted living gives your loved on the opportunity to carry on enjoying life and doing what they love, but in a safe and caring community that provides support and help for them. Assisted living can offer your loved one a new chapter in their life and a chance to make new friends and acquaintances.

Where You Should Be Looking

Location is important when you are choosing assisted living. So, are you looking for assisted living in MA, or are you looking at sites that are further away from home, or perhaps in another state? When choosing a location, it is important to factor in what is provided and what is on offer. For example, could an out-of-state move give your loved one the fresh start that they need? Or, would you prefer for them to be local to make visiting and socializing a bit easier?

Visiting Sites and Locations

Once you have established what area you are looking at, you then have to start visiting sites and locations. When you visit a location or site that you are interested in, you get a good feeling about the atmosphere and facilities on offer. A visit to a site can also give your loved one reassurance – which will make the process feel less overwhelming.

Costs and Payment Plans

After narrowing down your search and deciding on a location, you need to look at costs and payment plans. Thinking about how assisted living will be funded will give you a good indication of what plans need to be put into place moving forwards. For example, will your loved one have to sell their home to finance care, or could they look at renting it out?

Speaking to Others

There are other people and families who are currently in your position. Choosing a site for your loved one, and making sure that you make the right decision is important. To ensure that this happens, you may find it beneficial to reach out to support groups (online or in-person). Sharing your thoughts and ideas with others who are in a similar position to you and your family can give you peace of mind.

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Choosing Assisted Living for a Loved One

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