Cincinnati Bearcats Football Assistant Coaching Salaries

While there are many things to love about Cincinnati Bearcats football assistant coach salaries, it is important to ensure that you don’t overpay. Luckily, the college football program’s off-field staff is equally as important. Cincinnati has increased their spending on off-field staff after losing Marcus Freeman and Brian Mason to Notre Dame, Perry Eliano to Ohio State and Mike Denbrock to LSU.

After all, Cincinnati’s head coach, Luke Fickell, has a lucrative contract. His new deal with the university will pay him five million dollars per year through 2028, making him the highest-paid coach in the Group of Five. He’s also in line for a pay raise because his previous contract only paid him $3.4 million until 2026. The contract is subject to approval by the university’s board of trustees, and his assistant coaching salaries will go from $3.9 million to $5 million.

Zac Taylor is Cincinnati’s highest-paid assistant. His record in the AAC is 14-4. Zac Taylor, who coached Murray State Racers between 2003 and 2006, is the highest-paid assistant coaching coach. His previous employer was Murray State. In 2003, the Bearcats finished second at the AAC. Zac Taylor, Cincinnati’s assistant coach is also well paid, but his salary is only part of his compensation.

Fickell has brought stability and stability to the Bearcats’ team. The team has finished in the AP Top 25 four straight seasons and won back-to-back AAC championships. Fickell’s assistant coaches now earn among the highest salaries in the Group of Five. Cincinnati will join the Big 12 when it becomes a power conference. In the meantime, Fickell will still be earning five-million-dollar salaries.

Fickell has been the head coach at Cincinnati for five seasons. His team has a record of 49-37-1, including a 29-8 record in AAC play. More than half of the team’s losses were in his rookie season. Cincinnati has won nine consecutive games after losing to Ohio State, which is a testament to the quality of the team’s defense. The Trustees unanimously approved Fickell’s contract extension this past summer, and he’ll continue to coach the team.

Cincinnati, OH is home to the University of Cincinnati. The Bearcats are members of the American Athletic Conference. Coaches Mike Riley won the American Football Conference assistant coaching award in 2010 and was named the top recruiter by ESPN and Rivals in 2012. The Bearcats’ offensive philosophy follows the Hurry-Up, No Huddle philosophy. He explains practice and communication. He is responsible for the performance of the quarterbacks during practice.

Coaches are paid generously at the University of Cincinnati. Steve Clinkscale earns an estimated $250,000 and Ty Lindner $115,000 as an assistant coach. Higher salaries are more difficult to retain quality players and less likely to be fired. That’s the bottom line, and Cincinnati can brag about hiring assistants with big salaries. They have much to be proud of.

Cincinnati Bearcats Football Assistant Coaching Salaries
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