Fun Classroom Activities for Students to Learn Fractions

Learn Fractions

The concept of fractions is introduced in 1st-grade in elementary schools, later advancing to more complex concepts. Due to this complexity of the topic, teachers often find it challenging to teach fractions, especially for higher grades, when the advanced topics are introduced. Preparing kids to learn fractions can be tricky as it involves the use of difficult terms like numerator, denominator, equivalence, improper and other fraction-notations. Fraction math games for kids are an excellent way to teach fractions interactively.

Whether it’s during school or a maths tutoring session, understanding the topic of fractions requires a clear knowledge of these confusing fraction-related terms and concepts. Understanding the topic of fractions requires clear knowledge of these confusing fraction-related terms and concepts. The traditional teaching approach seems insufficient in delivering the concepts related to math topics like fractions. To help students learn about fractional numbers and problems with ease, you can use various games and activities to retain a child’s interest.

Here are some classroom fun activities that you use to teach fractions to your students:

Fraction Cards Game

Fraction card games help students to practice and reinforce various fraction concepts. It challenges students to learn fractions through a series of interesting games like ordering fractions from smallest to largest, finding equal fractions, adding fractions, subtracting fractions, etc. For example, a simple fraction activity is to give each student a fraction card and ask them to find their team with an equal fraction card. Once they find all other students with the same fraction card, they must sit down with their time. The first team which finds all of their correct members is the winner of this game.


LEGOS blocks are a great way of teaching fractions. You can also guide students to perform some fun math activities at home. Show them how they can represent a certain fraction with legos. Students can practice building fractions with legos for a whole class session to understand and learn them. Students can also use colorful LEGOS to create fractions.

Fun With Paper Plates

Teachers can use fun classroom activities with paper plates to teach fractions quickly. For example, you can compare fractions with these paper plates or create pizza fractions with these paper plates for your students. Fraction flowers with paper plates are useful to help students understand fractional numbers. It is also a fun coloring activity that is quite interesting and engaging for kids. You can start by drawing a circle depicting the whole number (1) and then continue by dividing the plates into ½, ⅓, ¼ and so on for teaching various fractional numbers.

Jump Into Fraction Hopscotch

Hopscotch with fractions is a fun classroom activity for kids to learn fractions while playing. You can draw a hopscotch board on the floor and mark each square with a fraction rather than a whole number. Then instruct kids to throw a marker and hop to the square where the marker lands. While they play this, explain to them the name of the fraction on that square.

Play With Pattern Blocks

Pattern blocks are a handy tool for teaching fractions. You can put them to teach some fractions games. In this one, kids spin to find out how many blocks they get to add to their board to be the first to build six complete shapes.


Kids can learn fractions when taught interestingly. Teachers can also use some other activities to teach fractions. You can easily find some of these interactive games in the Cuemath US program. It allows visualization of interesting math facts and an interactive approach for teaching math to kids.

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Fun Classroom Activities for Students to Learn Fractions

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