3 Unique Clay Gifts for Any Occasion

Clay Gifts

Clay is a gorgeous, durable medium that can be transformed into traditional vessels such as pueblo pottery or modern ones like abstract clay sculptures. With so many options, clay creations make an excellent choice for special gifts. Here are a few ideas to consider for any occasion.

Unique Mugs

Ceramic clay mugs from local artists are sure to be a unique, quirky addition to anyone’s dish cabinet. With dozens of styles and colors available, almost anything is possible. A set of matching mugs or even a one-of-a-kind item with surely bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

Serving Bowls

Hosts and hostesses will certainly appreciate a pretty serving dish for their next big event. Choose something plain and simple for a clean look, or something with vibrant colors and patterns for a dish that will stand out. Consider pairing the dish with a coordinating serving spoon set for something really special and thoughtful.

Ceramic Vessels

Clay jars, bottles, pitchers and vases are all beautiful, eye-catching items that will make superb gifts. Look for unique patterns, engraved designs and special finishes that will make the gift particularly memorable. Some of these vessels come fitted with a cork, clay or glass stopper to increase the versatility of the item. To round out a gift of a ceramic vessel, consider filling it with some coffee beans, fresh flowers or an infused cooking oil (depending on the type of vessel): in this way, it will be two gifts in one.

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Ceramic clay gifts are an attractive, exceptional gift for nearly anyone on your list. Whether you’re sharing the clay treasures for a special event, birthday, a hostess gift or even just because a clay gift is a great way to communicate your affection for the recipient with a beautiful item that they can enjoy for a long while.

3 Unique Clay Gifts for Any Occasion

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