Color Street’s “Helping Hearts” Nail Art Fundraiser

color streets helping hearts nail art fundraiser 38909

Color Street’s “Helping Hearts” nail art fundraiser raises funds for the Children’s Heart Foundation. This foundation funds pioneering research to prevent congenital hearts defects. Children with CHDs are among the most vulnerable people in the country, and one out of four will require surgery during their first year of life. The charity was founded in 1996 and has raised more $13 million to support research on CHDs.

This year’s stamp set focuses on raising awareness about heart health. The Children’s Heart Foundation will receive the proceeds from the stamp set’s sale. The WomenHeart coalition aims to improve women’s health in the United States by empowering them with information and resources. The stamp set will also help those with heart disease as it features many images of children and adults. This set is a perfect way to give back to a great cause without feeling guilty about it.

Color Street’s “Helping Hearts” Nail Art Fundraiser
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