Helping Verbs Song

Students can use the song “Helping Verbs” to help them remember their verbs. You can use a holiday song such as “Jingle Bells” to help you remember the tune. During this game, students take turns singing the song. Students then sit down to say the next word after the song has ended. Those who are correct get a prize, and those who make a mistake are out. The game is fun for both students and teachers.

Through this song, students will learn five specific help verbs. You can adapt the tune to “London Bridge is Falling Down.” Using lyrics sheets, teachers will have students practice the song in front of small groups. They can sing the tune or recite it as a poem. You can play the game as many times as you like until the entire story or a portion of it is read aloud.

Students can play games to help them recognize helping verbs when learning about them. For example, one game can be set up like the popular television show “Rags to Riches.” While this game requires a bit of setup, students will find it easy to play. Correct answers will be rewarded with a prize. They should also remember that they could win prizes by correctly identifying the helping verbs in a story.

A word search is another game that can be used to teach students helping verbs. This game can be played with a helping verb as the answer. Students must select a word from the list once the words have been placed in the correct order. They should then type the words into the search box, then press enter. After entering the words, the system will generate a word search puzzle that includes the help verbs hidden within the letters. The game can be played as a race to see who will be the first winner.

Helping Verbs Song
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