4 Common Signs You Have Mold in Your House

mold in your house

More than 50% of homes across the US have experienced some kind of mold problem. While it’s a common enough issue, no one wants it to happen to them.

There are a lot of ways to prevent a mold issue but it can still get in, which is why you want to be able to catch it as quickly as possible. This reduces damage, maintains the problem to one area, and eliminates serious consequences. Be on the lookout for these four signs there’s mold in your house.

1. Signs of Water

Mold in homes almost always follows water where it shouldn’t be, so any time you see signs of unwanted water you should be on the lookout for it.

Those signs could be puddles, leaks, water stains, rusty areas, saggy ceilings, and warping of walls or doors. It can also be felt instead of seen, either with a more humid feeling or noticeable condensation build-up. That excess water can easily turn to mold, so it should be dried out as soon as you can.

2. Strong Smells

Another very common signs of mold are unusual smells throughout the house. Generally, this smell will stay in a specific location (the sight of the mold) but it can also travel through the whole home.

These smells are often musty and dirty, it’s very distinguishable. Try to follow that smell to locate the source of the mold and begin the removal process quickly.

3. Indestructible Stains

Sometimes mold is out in the open and visible to the naked eye. It often looks like stains or dirt on the walls, floors, or ceiling and can sometimes be cleaned up easily. If this happens, you need professional water cleanup services.

Other times, those stains remain despite your best efforts to clear them up even after pressure washing. If that’s the case it’s probably a severe case of mold and a process called media blasting might be necessary for mold removal.

4. Health Problems

The most important sign that you need to start getting rid of mold is when you begin to notice health problems.

Symptoms of mold exposure have a wide and varied range, so it’s key to know what to look for. A lot of them look like allergies but will continue to get worse and may come at unusual times. They can also present as breathing issues or even just feeling nausea regularly.

If you suspect mold exposure, check in with your doctor and then call a professional removal team as soon as you can.

Common Signs There’s Mold In Your House

When there’s mold in your house there’s the potential for real problems in the future. The mold that’s allowed to spread can end up costing you a lot of money to repair the damage and remove it completely.

It can even be very detrimental to your health and wellness, as well as that of your family. The best thing you can do for your home is gives it regular inspections to find moldy areas as quickly as possible to minimize all of the problems that could come.

If you’re interested in learning more about home repairs and keeping it in the best shape possible, check out our other articles!

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4 Common Signs You Have Mold in Your House

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