Which is Better? Standing Desk vs. Ergonomic Chair

Standing Desk

Office work is one of the most sedentary types of work in the job market. Many employees have wondered how they can improve their health and posture while at work, where they may sit for eight or more hours at a time. Two options that most people have considered are ergonomic chairs and standing desks, both of which have pros and cons when it comes to obtaining and using them. Depending on your budget, health status and needs, and work hours, you may find that one is better than the other for your situation.

Standing Desk

Standing desks are typically considered the healthier of the two options when it comes to comparing a stand up desk and an ergonomic office chair. Sitting for long periods of time is linked to many health issues such as an increased risk of heart problems and type 2 diabetes. Standing, on the other hand, can improve your core strength, help your posture, and eliminate the health risks associated with sitting. However, standing desks may not be the best option for those who have trouble standing for long periods of time, such as those who are overweight or have pre-existing health issues. If you are already in moderately good health but want to make an improvement, a standing desk is a right choice for you.

The drawback to standing desks is that they can be relatively expensive compared to ergonomic chairs. Some standing desks can cost hundreds of dollars, although there are more budget-friendly options. These types of desks can be standalone, mounted, or placed on an existing desk. Many are adjustable to allow you to sit or stand, although some may not be suited to taller or shorter individuals as most are set up to accommodate an “average” height. Ultimately, while standing desks are the better option by health standards, they may not fit the needs or abilities of some workers.

Ergonomic Chair

While ergonomic chairs do not provide as many health benefits as a standing desk, they can still be a big improvement over a standard office computer chair. Ergonomic chairs can improve posture, comfort, and to some degree overall health compared to a standard chair. Ergonomic chairs are designed to make sitting more comfortable and less harmful by directing posture and sitting position in certain ways, such as straightening the back and shoulders, placing feet directly on the ground, and assisting with a line of sight to your computer. An ergonomic chair should be combined with computer monitors adjusted to the proper height, ergonomic accessories like a keyboard and mouse, and for certain people, a footrest or other aid to make sure the legs are straight and the feet are placed properly.

Ergonomic chairs can be inexpensive, though the more expensive ones typically have more features to help with pain or posture while sitting. Another inexpensive option is to purchase a slip-on for a regular office chair which can give some of the benefits associated with a fully ergonomic chair. If you are on a budget, an ergonomic chair can be a good alternative to a standing desk to alleviate some of the symptoms associated with long days of sitting.


When it comes to deciding between a standing desk and an ergonomic chair, it’s best for you to make a decision based on your personal health and needs. However, overall a standing desk is considered to be the healthier option of the two and has more benefits if you are comfortable standing for long periods of time. Standing desks can be budget-friendly if you get an add-on or find one-second hand, though ergonomic chairs or chair accessories may be the better option for certain fitness levels or budgets.

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Which is Better? Standing Desk vs. Ergonomic Chair

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