David Laudenback

David Laudenback

David Lauderback is a Deaf educator who has taught in colleges and universities for many years. After retiring to Minnesota, he looks forward to making contributions to his community by volunteering.

David is a professor in the Western College of Science and has been recognized with an endowed scholarship fund and lecture series named in his honor. He successfully balances research with university, social, and family commitments.

Early Life and Education

David Laudenback, who graduated high school at 13 and college at 15, was a child prodigy and member of Mensa – an elite intelligence society.

He was an incredibly kind man, making him a prominent figure in his community. He actively participated in charitable organizations and dedicated himself to providing assistance to those in need.

He was an ardent Christian and dedicated to serving his church well. He enjoyed singing and ministering to others, showing God’s love through everything he did. Truly a blessing to his family and friends alike, he will be greatly missed by them all. He leaves behind two sons and a daughter to cherish his memory.

Professional Career

David Laudenback was an accomplished professional who excelled in many fields. He was a member of numerous professional organizations and served on their board.

He had many professional mentors and friends whom he admired greatly and who continuously supported him throughout his life.

He was previously employed by Morris Travel as a sales representative, responsible for brokering deals between hotels and airlines. Later, he co-founded Morris Air with June Morris to offer discounted flights.

Achievements and Honors

David Laudenback is no stranger to success, having recently completed his tenure as assistant football coach at Texas State University-San Antonio. Despite juggling an intense schedule, David still managed to fit in several triathlons! A testament to his dedication and academic excellence, David earned himself numerous alumni accolades in his name – all without worrying about an overbooked schedule or missing paychecks! You’ll be pleased to know he’s still going strong!

Personal Life

David Laudenback is an accomplished scientist who previously worked at Western University. His expertise lies in researching the molecular genetics of photosynthetic microorganisms.

He joined the Plant Sciences department in 1991 and quickly established a laboratory to research cyanobacteria’s molecular components.

His research was widely published within the scientific community, earning him international recognition and numerous honors and awards for his efforts.

He is survived by his children, Michael Laudenbach and Kathryn Laudenbach. Additionally, he has four grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

David Laudenback

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