David Lawenda

David Lawenda

David Lawenda is a gay Jewish man who has made it big in sales and led diverse teams of employees to success. Currently, he’s the Chief Digital Advertising Officer at Paramount Global, responsible for driving revenue growth for their streaming empire.

David was previously Executive Vice President of Digital Sales & Strategy at CBS Corporation, after serving as Head of U.S. and Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook where he launched and expanded a new multicultural targeting capability that generated significant revenue for the social media platform.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

David Lawenda has an extensive professional career, boasting a successful record in marketing and sales. He has held positions with major media companies like Univision and Viacom, where he launched Spike TV and UPN respectively.

He is currently the Chief Digital Advertising Officer at Paramount Global, where he leads a team of over 500 diverse employees responsible for driving revenue to their burgeoning streaming empire. Furthermore, he’s established a Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Task Force that educates and empowers Paramount’s diverse employees.

Facebook has recruited a former marketing executive to lead its reworking of their ad sales unit in an effort to maximize revenue from digital platforms. David Lawenda, former head of U.S. and global marketing solutions at Facebook, will join CBS to oversee digital ad sales for the network.

Achievements and Honors

David Lawenda is one of the most renowned advertising executives in history. With 25 years of experience at companies like Turner, Paramount TV, MTV Networks and Univision under his belt, he’s earned himself a place of honor in the industry.

He’s the Chief Digital Advertising Officer at Paramount, leading a team of over 500 diverse and passionate marketers that generate revenue for the company’s massive streaming empire, such as Paramount+, Pluto TV and soon to be launched Paramount Pictures-owned YouTube channel. Additionally, his work on creating a diversity, equality and inclusion taskforce has seen employee engagement metrics soar to unprecedented heights. While his achievements are numerous – his sales skills have earned him permanent status within the business world.

Personal Life

David Lawenda is a successful Canadian actor and television host best known for his role as co-host on the hit series ‘Love it or List it’ with Hilary Farr. He has gained worldwide recognition through this role.

David is well-known for his role as David in the show. Additionally, he works as a real estate agent and thusly enjoys considerable wealth.

He is an accomplished stuntman, having performed in numerous movies as a professional stuntman.

David Lawenda is happily married with an adorable daughter named Julia Mimi Bella. He wed Lacey Chabert on September 1, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

Net Worth

Lawenda is an accomplished digital sales and marketing executive. With extensive expertise in interactive, mobile, broadcast, cable, syndication and agency settings, he was previously President of Advertising Sales and Marketing at Univision where he oversaw all media assets sales & marketing for the company – helping generate $2.25B annually in revenue. Prior to that he held several key positions at Viacom before founding their Instagram monetization strategy which they launched and led. Lawenda currently resides with his wife Kevin Menard in Bridgehampton where they built their dream house on nearby land.

David Lawenda

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