David Loberg

David Loberg

David Loberg is a fifth generation corn and soybean farmer who also custom feeds Holstein cows. He’s one of five featured farmers featured in the movie Farmland.

Once inside the Loberg Yard in Wayne County, Nebraska, one sees an enormous yellow farmhouse sitting atop a hill surrounded by large grain bins and state-of-the-art farming equipment.

Early Life and Education

David Loberg was born in West Allis, Wisconsin to Seymore and Thomas Loberg. He spent most of his childhood there before going off to school there.

David is fortunate to have an amazing family, including his sister Megan and Ashley as well as Beth and Ashley (his grandchildren) as well as four grand- and one great-grandchild. He can hardly wait for their arrival.

Born into farming families in Nebraska’s Wayne County, Kris’ father’s and mother’s farms remain within his immediate family for four generations now, which she farms alongside David and Beth who both reside with Kris. It can be found two miles northeast of Carroll, Nebraska.

Professional Career

David Loberg is a fifth-generation corn and soybean farmer from Carroll, Nebraska, overseeing an innovative operation boasting a modern array of equipment and technology such as 26 pivots with moisture/nitrogen probes.

David grows more than corn and soybeans; he cultivates peaches, strawberries, kale and carrots among other produce to sell at farmers markets, restaurants and retail outlets. The greatest challenge he faces when marketing his produce to consumers is convincing them their food comes directly from a farm rather than some factory; his favorite part of selling what he grew is seeing their smiles when purchasing what he has grown – it is both rewarding for himself and his family alike! This documentary film chronicles their journey to become one of Nebraska’s largest corn producers

Achievement and Honors

David Loberg is a fifth generation corn and soybean farmer who stands out as being distinguished. As well as custom feeding 500 cows for a local dairy operation, running an irrigation business, and living in one of the coolest barns on the prairie – it even houses his wife and baby daughter! David and his family are members of Nebraska Farmers Union which has existed for more than 100 years, proud to be the pioneering group responsible for adopting crop insurance policies statewide.

Not surprisingly, much focus is put on selecting and purchasing top-of-the-line equipment and chemicals used to manage an operation. But the most crucial metric to keep an eye on is how equipment and tools fit into an overall farm plan – this ensures an effective, cost effective operation while keeping all stakeholders aligned – for this reason planning and implementation strategies should always be used effectively to achieve this end.

Personal Life

David Loberg is a fifth generation corn and soybean farmer residing in Wayne County, Nebraska.

His side businesses also support him, and his wife and child help keep his business afloat. Furthermore, he volunteers as a fireman in his community.

Russell Sewall and Mabel Davida Loberg raised three sons – Gary (Nancy), Greg (Mary), and Sandra Bailey – all born and raised in Duluth, Blaine and Cloquet respectively. They remain close despite his death.

Net Worth

David Loberg boasts a net worth estimated at $3 Million dollars. Currently he serves as director at Arqule Inc and owns 132-142 shares of ARQL stock, in addition to owning 72-627 IGM Biosciences (IGMS) shares worth $851,188; making 48 trades since 2007; the largest being purchasing 39 480 units on 17 November 2008 for over $118 045. On average he makes 604 trades every 23 days, plus has an estimated 401K account balance.

He takes pleasure in spending his free time relaxing in Wayne County, Nebraska at his family home that has been handed down through four generations. Purchased by Kris and themselves after renting it out for 20 years prior, David and Beth reside there with them as do Kris and themselves.

David Loberg

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