DC’s ‘Stargirl’ Enters Season 2

DC's 'Stargirl'

Last year, a unique new teen drama debuted on DC Universe and The CW. “Stargirl,” the story of a teen hero on a mission to recreate the defeated Justice Society of America, is a rare story of hope and triumph over obstacles in a genre that is too often obsessed with darkness or with vanity.

Season 1: Stargirl Recreates the Justice Society

If you have not yet seen the first season of “Stargirl,” you can find and stream episodes at The CW. The story of the teen heroine was created by executive producer Geoff Johns, who wrote the original comic “Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.” Be aware that this summary of the first season may contain spoilers.

In the pilot episode, high school sophomore Courtney Whitmore (played by Brec Bassinger) is generally upset about her mother’s marriage to her new stepfather, Pat Dugan (played by Luke Wilson,) and their recent move to Nebraska. She soon discovers that Pat is hiding a secret – he was once the sidekick to a powerful superhero who has since disappeared. Not only that, but he is still in possession of the hero’s costume and an item of unique power, the Cosmic Staff. Courtney finds she can wield the staff. She redesigns the costume to fit herself and thus becomes Stargirl.

Stargirl’s first experience using the Cosmic Staff prompts an old villain, Brainwave (played by Christopher James Baker,) to come out of retirement. Brainwave attacks, but luckily Courtney’s stepfather arrives to save her, piloting a giant mech suit of his own design called S.T.R.I.P.E.

Courtney makes it her mission to reform the Justice Society and hunt down the villains who defeated the original Starman (whom she believes might have been her father.) At first, she hides this from Pat, who insists that superhero life is too dangerous. However, their old enemies of the Injustice Society of America are also recruiting new members. Pat realizes that the teens are safer entering battle prepared than unprepared, and he agrees to train them.

After several close calls and intense battles with an enemy who can brainwash others into fighting the heroes, the young JSA defeats Brainwave and destroys his mind-controlling device. At the close of the season, an escaping Injustice Society recruit finds a black diamond shard, and speaks the name “Eclipso.”

Season 2: Stargirl Faces the Heart of Darkness

The second season of “Stargirl” has yet to be released. Now that the name Eclipso and the black diamond shards that give him his power have been revealed, it is clear that Stargirl and her team will face that ancient evil.

How the young Justice Society will fare against a foe who embodies wrath itself and can possess the minds of even the most powerful heroes is anyone’s guess. The timeline of the series differs from the comics enough that the characters cannot be expected to behave in the same ways.

Given Eclipso’s history in DC comics, one can expect to see him take control of one or more of the show’s principal characters. Then again, it isn’t likely that he’ll remain an ally to the Injustice Society just because they awakened him – he’ll have motivations of his own.

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DC’s ‘Stargirl’ Enters Season 2

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