Decor Trends For Summer 2022

Decor Trends For Summer

As Summer is quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to get your home ready for the warm months and all the fun that comes along with Summertime. If you’ll be having guests over or throwing events regularly, it’s important to make sure your home looks it’s best, so that you can dazzle your friends and family!

If you’re updating your home’s décor for Summer, you’ll need to know some of the biggest trends that will be popular in the warm months this year. So we’ve done the hard work for you and researched the up and coming trends in the interior decorating world, to help you prepare your home for a glorious Summer!

Give A Warm Villa Feel, With Classic European Décor

It’s hard to think of Summertime, without daydreaming about relaxing by the pool in a beautiful villa in Italy. Sure, the weather here is fine enough, but that classic feel of Summer in the Mediterranean is hard to beat. Well, you don’t have to daydream anymore as by using classic European décor in your home, you can achieve the feel and vibe of a beautiful old villa up in the mountains in your own home.

Classic European is a style that’s hard to define, but you know it when you see it. But the core ideas use a lot of lovely neutral colours like terracotta to give the villa feel. From there, you should look to add accessories and items that feel very European like Roman blinds, rustic wooden tables, linen fabrics and candles.

Bring The Outdoors In, With Jungle Patterns

The Summer is a great time for being around nature, the warm weather conjures the feel and image of being in a warm, radiant rainforest as the Sun beams down on you and your home. So by bringing the feel of the outdoors and jungle themes into your home, you can amplify that feel of being in the wild in your home to a stunning effect.

Patterned wallpaper with tropical or jungle prints are a great place to start for bringing the Jungle theme into your home, from there you should look to add an extra touch of nature with plenty of houseplants and use bright tropical colours for highlight pieces in your home, like having bright yellow chairs or a lush green wardrobe.

Get A Beach Day Feel, With Colourful Stripes

Finally we have a great trend which will bring beach vibes into your home and give you a fitting look to your home for the warm Summer months. By taking inspiration from beach holidays you can create a perfect Summery feel to your home, which will bring back nostalgic memories of beach trips as a child.

You can get this beach look in your home, by recreating the colourful striped look of beach huts in your home, whether you paint walls, use wallpaper or use reclaimed painted wood in your home, this will provide an excellent feel. To take it a step further, you can utilise blue, yellow and white tones around your home with décor pieces to help further recreate the colours associated with beaches.

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Decor Trends For Summer 2022

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