Demarcus Cousins Net Worth

Demarcus Cousins Net Worth

Demarcus Cousins Bio, Lifestyle, and Net Worth


DeMarcus Cousins has made a name for himself in the NBA as one of the most talented and dominant players in the league. His achievements and accolades speak for themselves, from his multiple All-Star game appearances to his gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics. From his physical prowess on the court to his charitable contributions off the court, DeMarcus is a role model to many. Read on more to know about him. 


For NBA superstar Demarcus Cousins, family is everything. Growing up in Mobile, Alabama, Cousins had a strong support system from his parents – Monique and Jessie Cousins. Despite their limited means and the challenges they faced raising two sons alone, Monique and Jessie provided love and stability that allowed their talented son to flourish on the basketball court.

Monique worked tirelessly at three different jobs while her ex-husband Jessie coached DeMarcus throughout his early years in basketball. From middle school through college he had to work hard to reach his goals – but with the unwavering support of both parents by his side, he was able to make it to the top of professional basketball. His parents continue to be an integral part of DeMarcus’ life today; they travel with him when possible, attend every important game or event and provide unconditional love no matter what.

Early life

Cousins has had a remarkable journey to becoming a renowned athlete. Growing up in Mobile, Alabama, Cousins was naturally talented and grew up playing basketball with his brothers. By the age of 11, he was already standing out from other players both in terms of skill and drive to improve.


The energetic young boy attended LeFlore High School where he excelled in athletics as well as academics. His exceptional performance at school caught the attention of college recruiters who offered him athletic scholarships to many universities across America. Ultimately, he chose to attend the University of Kentucky where his career flourished even further and eventually led him to be drafted by the Sacramento Kings in the 2010 NBA draft making him one of the league’s top picks that year.


DeMarcus Cousins is an American professional basketball player for the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Throughout his career, Cousins has established himself as one of the most talented and versatile players in the game.

Cousins has earned four NBA All-Star selections and was named to the All-NBA Second Team in 2017. He was drafted fifth overall by the Sacramento Kings in 2010, and since then he’s developed into a dominant force on both ends of the court. He’s averaged 17.2 points per game, 9.5 rebounds per game and 3 assists per game throughout his career with stops in Sacramento, New Orleans, Golden State and Houston. His ability to score from all three levels; inside with post moves, and mid-range jumpers from outside and from behind the arc makes him a dangerous weapon on offence.

Net worth

With such an esteemed reputation, it comes as no surprise that DeMarcus Cousins’ net worth is estimated to be around $37 million.

This impressive figure was earned through lucrative contracts and endorsement deals which have added up over the years. He signed his first big contract extension with the Sacramento Kings in 2013. Following this, he went on to sign up for even bigger deals with both the New Orleans Pelicans and Golden State Warriors – culminating in his current contract with the Houston Rockets which amounts to a cool $3 million per year.


Demarcus Cousins is a well-known NBA star and philanthropist. As an established player in the league, he uses his platform to help those less fortunate. Through the Demarcus Cousins Foundation, he creates opportunities for people within his local community of Mobile, Alabama as well as around the world. He supports programs that focus on children’s health and education, families affected by violence and homelessness, and those who are struggling with substance abuse.

Cousins aims to make a difference in many lives through his charitable works. He recently provided funds for an after-school program at a local library that focuses on literacy for underprivileged students. In addition to this, he has also partnered up with other charitable organizations such as the American Cancer Society and the United Way to provide resources for those in need.

Social media 

The social media accounts of NBA star DeMarcus Cousins have become must-see content for fans and basketball enthusiasts alike. The six-time All-Star player often shares humorous videos and photos to his Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat accounts that keep followers entertained. 

Cousins’ Instagram account is home to a variety of different posts ranging from motivational quotes, and pictures with family and friends, to inspiring stories about his journey. On Snapchat, he posts funny skits with teammates as well as highlights from his basketball career. He also uses Twitter to engage in conversations with fans, comment on important issues outside the world of sports, and post lighthearted comments about life off the court.


DeMarcus Cousins is one of the most successful NBA players in recent history. The 6-foot 11-inch powerhouse has made a name for himself as an unstoppable force on the court. But when it comes to his personal life, Cousins has also taken big strides and recently tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Morgan Lang.

The two had been together since 2016 and were engaged back in 2018 following their romantic baby gender reveal party. After getting engaged, the couple took their time to plan out their special day, immersing themselves in wedding planning and preparing for their future together. Finally, after almost three years of being together, they exchanged vows at a beautiful ceremony held in Atlanta earlier this year. 

Cousins was beaming with joy throughout the entire event as he proclaimed his love for his new bride while family and friends looked on in approval.


DeMarcus Cousins is an American professional basketball player who has earned some awards and recognition throughout his career. The 28-year-old centre currently plays for the Golden State Warriors after spending seven seasons with the Sacramento Kings.

Throughout his professional career, Cousins has been awarded four NBA All-Star selections (2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019), two All-NBA Second Team selections (2016 & 2017) and one All-NBA Third Team selection (2015). Additionally, he was named to the NBA All-Rookie First Team in 2011 due to his impressive rookie season performance with the Sacramento Kings. In total, DeMarcus Cousins has recorded 20 triple-doubles during regular season games.

In 2018, he was presented with the J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award for his outstanding community work off the court as well as on it.


In conclusion, DeMarcus Cousins is an incredible athlete and one of the most influential players in modern basketball. He has achieved success on the court and served as a role model to many young athletes. His work ethic and dedication have earned him numerous awards, honours, and accolades throughout his career. His generous contributions to his community demonstrate his commitment to making a positive difference. DeMarcus Cousins is an inspiring example of what can be achieved through hard work and dedication.

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Demarcus Cousins Net Worth

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