Do Men Wear Earrings?


A simple answer to this question is yes; Men do wear earrings. Adorning earrings is not a new trend in the fashion industry or like a trend that rises after seeing Johnny Depp wearing safety pin earrings. Men have been wearing earrings since ancient times, even before the word fashion came into existence. As time passes, the trend of earrings has also changed for the better. Therefore, be on the lookout for the latest earring styles.

As a Man, Can I wear Earrings?

The short answer is yes! And to be more precise, there is nothing terrible about wearing earrings as men. As for women, there is an enormous collection of earrings, a lot more than for men. If you are looking for ways to enhance your personality as a man rather than just wearing fancy designer clothes, then men’s jewelry and earrings are the best options. 

In this guide, we will uncover some facts about “Do men wear earrings in 2022” if they do, then what is the current trend of wearing men’s earrings and what trending types of earrings are available to enhance men’s personalities?

There is nothing wrong with men wearing jewelry or earrings because they are designed uniquely to suit the man’s personality, like wearing ear studs, watches, rings, etc. If you intend to wear black diamond earrings for men, you must be sure they will suit you.

  • First, you need to be aware you are a man, not a woman because things differ drastically. So don’t choose shiny stuff or too long earrings.
  • The second choice is simple earrings, and the best option is you can go for stud earrings.

Furthermore, we will guide you about men trending earrings as well.

When Should Men Wear Earrings?

As a man, you can wear the earrings until it seems taboo or people make fun of your personality. Wearing earrings as men is not 100% recommended; because other things matter while wearing the earrings, like your personality, lifestyle, and social circle. 

Consider a poor man wearing a fake gold earring. People will only make fun of him, don’t be the person to make fun of. Many different things suit only fashion models than the ordinary person, like carving too many tattoos, wearing gold chain hair, or covering themselves all in gold.

Remember that you must enhance your personality not to impress other people. If wearing earrings contradicts your personality or lifestyle, don’t go for it; you can try wearing men’s rings or a watch. 

The point is not to ruin your character for something opposite to your personality. Sometimes, wearing men’s earrings can be more controversial than acceptable. Again! There is nothing wrong with wearing men’s earrings unless it seems taboo or hurts your character/personality.

Wear Earrings According to Your Skin Tone and Face Shape

Wearing earrings can enhance your personality if they suit your skin tone and face shape. Selecting the right earring is vital because you don’t want to catch attention for the wrong reason. Not every man has a fair color that he can wear any earrings, and not every man has an olive color that he can wear only a few. Below are the beauty tips which you can follow to select the earrings

Find The Earring According to Your Skin Tone

See what type of earring color will suit your skin tone.

  • Fair Skin

If your skin color is fair, silver or white will suit you more according to skin tone.

  • Dark Skin

You should try yellow or gold earrings if your skin tone is dark. It will look more eye-catching than any other color. 

  • Pale Skin

Rose gold will be one of the best options you can try, as it reflects a brighter shade on pale skin. 

  • Olive Skin

If your skin is olive, consider this color a god gifted because if you have olive skin, you can choose any color of earnings that suits your personality. 

Find The Earring According to Your Face Shape

Follow the tips to find what style of earrings will match your face shape.

  • Round face 

If you are a person with a round face, then you should try the square earring. These earrings will match more according to your face structure than any other shape’s earring.

  • Oblong face 

If your face structure is elliptical, then you can try round earrings. They are most common but stand very pretty if they wear an oblong face. 

  • Square face 

You can try curved and rounded earrings if you have a rounded face. Both will enhance your beauty without any doubt.

  • Heart-shaped face 

A rare face shape, but if you have a heart-shaped face, you should go for the straight earrings. These earrings will surely give you an edge and increase your facial beauty. 

Note:  These tips can be followed by both men & women; make sure you choose earrings according to your personality, not the opposite. 

As a Man, How Many Earrings Should I Wear?

There is no precise answer to this question. It depends upon your personality, choice, and look. You have seen a couple of celebrities and influencers; some wear only one piece of earrings, while others wear more than 2 or 3 earrings.

So the choice is yours, but we did guide you about the latest trend of 2022. If you intend to wear men’s earrings, you first need to select the earrings according to your face shape and color and ask yourself whether the earrings help enhance your personality, if they will hurt you, or if it seems taboo in your society. 

Once you decide you need to wear earrings, according to the 2022 trend, men wear earrings in both ears to keep the fashion balanced and not to look awful.

But you can also wear the single earring in your left or right earlobe. However, the trend of wearing single earrings is outdated; if it suits your personality and enhances your beauty, then who cares.

Do Men Wear Earrings?

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