Do You Need a Personal Bodyguard?: 6 Signs the Answer Is Yes

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Did you know that having a full-time bodyguard can cost anywhere from $1000-$1500 per day? Even though a full-time bodyguard is expensive, protecting your life is invaluable.

Bodyguards help you stay prepared for any dangerous situation, prevent crimes, and watch everything that is going on around you.

How do you know when to hire a personal bodyguard? Keep reading for 6 signs that it is time for you to invest in your own personal bodyguard.

You Are Wealthy

One of the first signs that you need to hire a personal bodyguard is if you are wealthy. Unfortunately, when you have a lot of money, people may try to steal your money or harm you.

Whether you received a large inheritance, won the lottery, or have built your own fortune, having one of the best personal bodyguards can protect you from criminals.

You Are a CEO

If you are a CEO and your company doesn’t already provide personal security, you should consider finding a bodyguard yourself. CEOs are often targets of crimes due to their extensive business knowledge, high salary, and company secrets.

As a CEO, hiring a personal bodyguard can be especially useful when you are traveling internationally or want to relax on vacation.

You Are an Elected Official

If you are an elected official, some people may have strong feelings about your ideas and policies. While most people are harmless, some are dangerous, and it never hurts to protect yourself.

If you are an elected official that lives in the Washington D.C. area, offers security services for elected officials.

You Are Famous

Are you famous? If so, you may need an armed personal bodyguard. As a celebrity, a fan may become too obsessed with you and put you in danger.

Most celebrities have regular meet and greet sessions with fans, and if you have a personal bodyguard, they can protect you.

You Ended a Bad Relationship

People that have come out of a bad relationship should consider getting a personal bodyguard. If you believe that your ex has the potential to harm you, don’t wait until it is too late.

Having a personal bodyguard will protect you from harm, allow you to safely collect your belongings, and help maintain peace.

You Are Traveling in Risky Areas

Some areas are more dangerous than others. If you need to travel to a risky area, you should consider hiring personal security. Kidnapping, theft, and ransom are common in certain countries.

To determine if you are traveling to a risky area, be sure to always check for travel advisories before you go.

Are You Ready to Hire a Personal Bodyguard?

Hiring a personal bodyguard can ensure your safety and prevent crime from happening around you. If you are rich, a CEO, an elected official, famous, ended a bad relationship, or are traveling, a personal bodyguard is a great investment.

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Do You Need a Personal Bodyguard?: 6 Signs the Answer Is Yes

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