Dos And Don’ts When Selling Your Home Online

Dos And Don’ts When Selling Your Home Online

The number of buyers searching for their home online continues to climb as real estate technology and buyer comfort with technology increases. In fact, 95% of homebuyers use online tools to search for their next house.  This means, if you are selling your home online you have a great chance of reaching a large percent of interested buyers.  But there are a few dos and don’ts when selling your home online

Don’t Go It Alone

Selling your home, even online, is a massive undertaking.  There are negotiations, marketing, prepping for sale, and multitudes of paperwork and legal documents that need to be sorted out.  However, despite the stress that comes with selling a home, some attempt to sell their home without the assistance of a real estate agent.  These types of sales, called “For Sale by Owner” (FSBO) make up a small percent of home sales.  Somewhere around 7% of recent home sales were FSBO.  Many attempt to sell their home alone to work around the agent commission.  However, while you might save the 6% on agent commission your home could sell for much lower.  On average, FSBO homes sold for approximately $50,000 less than agent-assisted home sales. 

Do Hire A Trusted Real Estate Agent

Selling your home online may not be exactly the same as selling your home the old fashioned way, but it is just as complicated. That’s why 90% of home sellers partner with a top real estate agent to help with their home sale.  Not only do real estate agents take out the stress of home selling, they also keep up-to-date on the latest technology enhanced trends in real estate.  They are experts at crafting online listings to grab buyers’ attention, they can create paid marketing campaigns, they know how to utilize social media marketing, and they are well versed in specialized keywords that will drive buyers to your listing.  Aside from the online experience, real estate agents have contact with the best inspectors, photographers, and other real estate professionals who can aid in selling your home.  

Don’t Avoid Repairs

If you are like most home sellers you will do a home inspection prior to listing.  Should any repairs pop up during the inspection it is best to fix them rather than put them off or try to hide them from a buyer.  Buyers will have their own inspection done prior to finalizing their purchase and if you are going to be required to fix a serious issue it will simply slow down your sale and add more headaches to the process.  

Do The Necessary Repairs 

Selling your house online does not mean that a buyer won’t eventually see the inside of your home.  They are buying it after all and they are going to have it inspected at some point.  Fix repairs that you and your real estate agent deem necessary for sale, especially repairs like a leaky roof, damage from water or mold, hazards such as electrical or structural, faulty plumbing, infestations of pests or insects, or a malfunctioning HVAC system.  Of course all repairs are negotiable, but if you want a quick online sale it’s best to get the major repairs done and out of the way. 

Don’t Take Your Own Photographs

You love your iPhone camera.  You’ve snapped hundreds of photos of your children and pets with it and they always turn out beautiful.  But while smartphone photos may work for your everyday life they will not be enough for an online listing that is going to catch the attention of buyers.  

Do Hire A Real Estate Photographer

One of the main things that draws in potential home buyers are the pictures that tell your home’s story.  A professional real estate photographer will capture the best aspects of your home.  They know how to use lighting to make rooms look larger, how to show off fantastic curb appeal, and which areas of a home will attract buyers.  Your real estate agent should be able to connect you with a professional photographer.  

Don’t Limit To One Selling Option

You may think the only way to sell your home online is to list it, market it through social media, and wait.  While the MLS is the standout online platform that most home buyers search when looking for a house or townhome for sale in Pensacola, there are other online options. 

Do Consider Selling For Cash

You’ve heard that cash is king when it comes to real estate, but most people don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars sitting around ready to go.  Luckily there are online options that make selling your home to a cash buyer much easier.  iBuyers and all cash buying platforms such as HomeLight’s Simple Sale make it possible for sellers to request a cash offer online.  The Simple Sale platform will estimate a cash offer (usually within 10 days) for you to consider.  This is a selling option that works for many homeowners who are not interested in waiting for their home to sell or need to sell quickly.  

Selling your home online has gotten much easier over the past several years.  Homeowners who are interested in marketing their home online and working with a real estate agent can have a lot of success if they market their home correctly, work with a real estate agent, and consider all the options available to them.

Dos And Don’ts When Selling Your Home Online

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