How to download videos from the Internet

download videos from the internet

Surely at some point, we have wanted to download a video from the internet for some professional reason (not all of us think of movies). It seems that every day it becomes more difficult to find tools or applications that allow us to download videos from the internet or any other audiovisual content, but this is just a lack of information.

I have found it difficult to find a program that combines all the download options on the different platforms, but hey… I have made a list as comfortable as possible to solve the happy question of How to download videos from the internet online?

Here we will talk about some programs that will be of great help if you are a fan of movies, series, documentaries, and all kinds of audiovisual content.

Pages to download videos from the Internet without programs


Download Facebook Videos via FBDOWN

It is one of my favorite programs since it does not require any type of installation and although it has the option of using it by extension, you can use it Online from its URL

  1. Once the URL is entered, you have to select the quality of the video you want to save.
  2. On the next screen perform the right button action and save the video.

FbDown Video Downloader

Programs and Extensions to download Twitter videos


Flash Video Downloader

Flash Video is an interesting extension for Chrome to download videos from different internet websites, it provides you with different download formats with different resolutions, but it has limitations. Currently, there are platforms that due to their strong exclusive policies do not allow their content to be downloadable for these programs, so they prevent this program from accessing their videos.

As you have surely imagined, we are talking about Facebook and YouTube, so for these platforms, we will have to choose other options.

Flash Video Downloader

Download Twitter Videos via TWDOWN

From the same creators that FBDOWN offers us a website to do the same work online for videos on Twitter. I leave you the URL so you can use it.

TwDown Video Downloader

Download videos from web page


Another of the best options for downloading content from the Internet is KeepVid. This free content downloader will allow you to have videos from various platforms in your hand such as Dailymotion, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo … as quickly as possible, and without complications.

You do not need to install an extension, just enter this website. 

I have tried to download videos from youtube, Facebook, and other video platforms, and everything works … unless you want to download from a website that does not provide you with a video URL, as is the case with Twitter, for that type of videos it is better than using an option like TWDOWN.

If you are looking to play your content without an internet connection or you simply like to save your favorite movies so that you can watch them as many times as you want, we remind you that the content you download with this tool will be stored in the memory of your device until you decide to delete it.

KeepVid Downloader

Force Download: Download videos from the internet without installing programs

Force Download offers you the opportunity to download content most simply:

1) Without the need for you to download any program,

2) Leaving it up to you to choose the format to which you want to transform the content, and

3) In an immediate way.

It couldn’t be easier! You will only have to Google the name of the tool or access its page and there you will find all the steps to follow to get your content:

  • Copy the URL of the content you want to download
  • Paste it into the Force Download tool
  • Choose the format in which you want to save the content
  • Download and save wherever you want

Download Youtube Video by modifying the URL

To download YouTube videos we have many options, below I list the best ones:

The easiest and simplest of all is modifying the URL, removing, or adding.

Download Youtube Vidoes

If we remove the ending “UBE” in the URL, an option will open to download the video.

The URL would look like this:

Download Youtube Vidoes without using any software

Download Youtube Video Without Programs 

Cyborg Video 

The ideal page to download, you just have to enter paste the URL of the YouTube video and download. The downside is that the maximum resolution is 1280 x 720.

Cyborg Video Downloader


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How to download videos from the Internet

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