5 Creative Personal Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Gift ideas for the holidays

Christmas is the season of gifts par excellence. Families give each other gifts and companies often give their customers or employees small promotional gifts that take on a special meaning on these dates. If you have run out of ideas to make your corporate Christmas gifts, we give you five possibilities that are a success.

It is never too early to start preparing for Christmas, especially if you are committed to giving really memorable gifts this year. You could always default to a gift card, but why not find something that is unique, custom-made, and screams thoughtfulness. To find such a gift, you definitely need to get started now. You can’t exactly find a photo frame with the right spelling of Uncle Eyal’s name on it overnight. Here are a few customized corporate gifts that are sure to get you brownie points this Christmas.

Take a Look at 5 Best Gift Ideas for the Holidays


1. Create a Personalized Trip

Through the services of Journey, $25 will let you plan one day of personalized travel for that special someone. Definitely a good choice for the adventurer in the family or to surprise a spouse, Journey takes our preferences, personal suggestions, and feedback into account to create a one-of-kind getaway experience.

2. Give a Pillow Pet

A few years ago, kids across the country were thrilled to have snuggly pillows created out of a favorite animal. Give the idea some maturity but no less love with a pillow that has a portrait of their favorite furry family member on it.  A stately formal portrait of the Great Dane will be just as mesmerizing as the snapshot of the time the dog ate the homework.

3. Opt for Personalized Jewelry

A gold letter charm and chain or a photo etching stainless steel necklace have appeal with any gender. Jewelry can be given to commemorate a favorite memory, relationships, children, or even aspirations. For an added touch, look for jewelry that is uniquely made or promotes sustainable production. Give a gift of glamour and help the environment at the same time.

4. Order a Sweet Pair of Shoes

For the athletic one in the group, consider gifting a pair of customizable Nikes. The great products at Nike are the gifts that keep giving, especially if you know a family member or friend that has been trying to get back into the gym. You can take a chance on their shoe size and customize the colors for them, or you could be safe and give them a gift card for them to create their own combination.

5. Send Them on a Trip in Time

There is always one unique person in your life that is hard to buy for. Capitalize on their individuality by finding an antique piece of jewelry, picture, album, or another item that reflects the decade where they were born. You could help them build a time capsule of their life if you continue the tradition next year.

Surely with all this list of Christmas gifts, you will have no doubts about what to choose this year and those to come. You see that they are timeless gifts that always come in handy. We try to give advice that can be of use to all of us and, above all, always leave a good memory. If you are looking for a great holiday present for children, try this Gel Blaster.

Don’t let the holidays sneak up on you. Get started on your gift-giving with these unique ideas.


Happy Holidays!!!!

5 Creative Personal Gift Ideas for the Holidays

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