Elizabeth Holmes’ Husband Net Worth

Below is a list of Elizabeth Holmes’ net worth sources. Holmes is the heir of the Evans Hotel Group, which was founded by Billy Evans, the father of Elizabeth Holmes. According to different sources, he is worth $800 millions. In the past, he had a number of successful businesses. In addition to this, he has been involved in the development of many technology companies.

elizabeth holmes’ husband is an heir to the Evans Hotel Group

According to reports, Elizabeth Holmes, an actress, is married to William “Billy” Evans, the heir of the Evans Hotel Group. Evans, who is 29 years old, is the son Bill Evans, a San Diego hotel mogul. The company was founded by his grandparents, William L. and Anne Evans, and is one of the largest hotel chains in the country. Some of the company’s properties include Bahia Resort Hotel, Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa, and The Lodge at Torrey Pines.

While she faces criminal charges for fraud, the relationship between Elizabeth and Billy has become a cult. The couple has been engaged since March 2019, but the trial was delayed due to Elizabeth’s pregnancy. In addition to being engaged, the couple owns major California resorts, including the upscale El Capitan Hotel. But how did Elizabeth end up with Billy? How does she get along?

The two met at a 2017 party, and the couple secretly got married a few months later. Holmes got engaged in March and sent out wedding invitations. The couple’s wedding took place in June, and sources have confirmed that neither Holmes’ former employees were invited to the event. Despite the shady nature of the affair, the wedding was a success and the couple have a son named William.

In addition to their marriage, the couple has several children together. Luca, the youngest of the Evans Hotel Group’s heirs, is their daughter. She recently visited her boyfriend, Billy Evans to check on his new home. In the final episode of “The Dropout,” Holmes tells Linda Tanner, her lawyer, about her boyfriend, Billy Evans. While the movie doesn’t go into the details of their relationship, it’s an interesting way to follow the story of her life.

Net worth of Elizabeth Holmes is $800 Million

A year ago, Forbes estimated that Elizabeth Holmes’ net worth was up to $4.5 billion. However, her fortune has since dropped to nil. While she has strong political connections, the company she founded, Theranos, was once valued at $9 billion. However, the company’s business model led to numerous problems and now Holmes faces criminal charges from the Securities and Exchange Commission. While her net worth has fallen dramatically, it remains a respectable amount.

While Holmes has been facing trial for fraud, the media has not stopped her from continuing to enjoy her wealth. Forbes estimates that Holmes’ half stake in Theranos (a blood-testing company) has been worth $4.5 billion. She had a six-figure salary and lived in luxurious hotels and a five-star hotel. She was also one the youngest female billionaires and had an estimated net worth $4.5 billion.

Before Theranos went bankrupt, Holmes’ net worth had risen to $4.5 billion. She was the world’s youngest self-made billionaire at thirty. Holmes had been featured on dozens of magazine covers and received countless awards, including a Nobel Peace Prize and an Oscar. Despite her achievements, Holmes was still afraid of needles. Forbes changed her net worth to zero in June 2016.

Holmes, who is also the CEO of Theranos (an online blood testing company), is the youngest self-made billionaire. Holmes amassed a net value of $4.5 billion during her tenure as Theranos CEO. Although the amount of her net worth fluctuated wildly, she is still considered an impressive businesswoman. The company’s valuation is still high, but the net worth of Elizabeth Holmes has fallen drastically.

elizabeth holmes’ husband is 61-year-old father of elizabeth holmes partner Billy Evans

In a statement released Tuesday, the 61-year-old father of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes said he was attending the wire fraud trial as a private citizen. The purpose of his attendance was to ensure that media received a balanced and fair account of the case. During jury selection, Holmes told reporters that her middle name was “Hanson.” The 61-year-old father of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes is facing up to 20 years in prison if found guilty.

Holmes was married to his parents Anne and William Evans before he married Billy Evans. They owned the Evans Hotel Group in San Diego. After their marriage, Evans Hotels managed two properties in the region. Their relationship has been controversial, with many claiming Holmes was only interested in their children. Holmes is a mother of two, regardless of whether it was an affair or awkward meeting.

The complicated scandal surrounding Ms Holmes’ father and her husband is complex. While the woman’s husband, Billy Evans, was found guilty of four counts of fraud, his father was not. They kept in touch and shared elevator rides together with reporters covering the trial. While Evans joked about having a mole on his bald head, he did not deny jokingly address the CNBC reporter as Khorram, saying that the reporter was trying to sabotage his investigation.

Holmes and Evan met in a party in the Bay Area in 2017. He was a playboy, reportedly dating Instagram models. During the court trials, he remained by Holmes’ side. They live together in San Francisco and have a son. While Evans’ relationship with Holmes has been rocky, he seems to be a loving and supportive husband.

elizabeth holmes’ husband is a successful businessman

Bill Evans, a well-known California businessman, is the husband of Elizabeth Holmes, a disgraced founder of a startup. William is the heir of the Evans Hotel Group, which owns a chain in California hotels. The couple has kept their relationship quiet since Holmes’ arrest in January 2019 on nine counts of fraud. They have three children. Bill and Elizabeth Holmes are also engaged and will be welcoming their fourth child in May.

While at Stanford University, Holmes had initially intended to study chemical engineering. During a study abroad program, Holmes contracted the deadly SARS-CoV-1 disease. Then, she married Holmes’ husband, a successful businessman. Holmes was able to land a job in Silicon Valley with ease, but she was often seen wearing a black turtleneck sweater as well as a high-fashion jacket.

Holmes and Bill Evans met while Holmes was working at Theranos. Holmes was Holmes’ co-worker in the company’s San Francisco apartment. The apartment is near Lombard Street. This street is famous for being crooked. Holmes and Evans became engaged in late March, and wedding invitations were sent shortly thereafter. The couple married in private in June. No employees were invited.

The ongoing controversy surrounding Silicon Valley has focused on the alleged relationship between the couple. William “Billy,” Evans, the husband of the actress, claims that the public has a false impression of Holmes and her company. Both have never denied their love for each other. Nevertheless, a public documentary about Holmes’ controversial past is now a hit. Her husband and the entrepreneur believe Holmes’ public image has been distorted.


Although many people know about her husband, few people know how much she has earned since being arrested for fraud. Holmes is one the most prominent entrepreneurs of our times. She was also the CEO of Theranos, a health tech company. Her company claimed that it had developed a technology that allowed doctors to test patients using a small amount of blood. Ultimately, this company was shut down and Holmes was charged with fraud.

Evans, the husband and father of actress Elizabeth Holmes, is worth between $10 million and $50 million. Evans was born in San Diego and is heir to the Evans Hotel Group chain. Evans was previously a special project manager at Luminar Technologies, a company which developed advanced sensors for autonomous cars. During his summers, Evans worked for various financial and consulting companies in California. His current job status as of 2021 is unknown.

As of 2016, the entrepreneur has lost the $9 billion company due to numerous scandals. Theranos, a blood-testing company that was founded by Holmes, is now shut down by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. The company’s labs had failed to report inaccurate test results and issued false diagnoses. After the scandal broke, Sunny Balwani turned on Elizabeth Holmes. Despite the scandals, the couple still has one child, a son named William Holmes Evans. Interestingly, while Holmes is a Caucasian, her father is of Hungarian and Danish descent.

She was convicted of fraud in multiple cases, in addition to her legal problems. The jury failed to reach a unanimous decision on three counts. She will be sentenced to a maximum of 20 years in prison. Moreover, she’ll have to pay $250,000 in fines and restitution. Despite the scandal, her net worth is still over $5 million.

Elizabeth Holmes’ Husband Net Worth
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