Embrace Nature in Your Interior: Smart Ways to Combine Indoor and Outdoor Areas

Embrace Nature

If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful garden as a part of your home, you’re likely thinking of ways you could integrate these spaces to create a connected, cohesive, and flowing design that almost feels like your backyard is an extension of your interior. But even though such an integration might be a brilliant architectural aspect, as well as a stress-reducing and the mood-boosting way to connect with nature, changing your home décor in more drastic ways can also present a challenge, especially when you are looking for more eco-friendly design solutions. To that end, here are some sustainable ways you could embrace nature and effortlessly combine your indoor and outdoor areas:

Create A Seamless Transition With Doors

If you have the means and the ability to do so without creating unnecessary waste, installing a large, glass sliding door is one of the best ways to visually connect your garden with your indoor space. Apart from creating a seamless transition between the two areas, this will allow you to bring more fresh air and natural light inside your home, while also providing you with the ideal view of your gorgeous garden. All of these are essential aspects of biophilic design, which allows us to connect with nature, and improve our overall health and well-being through this wonderful symbiosis.

Embrace Nature

Opt For Cohesive Flooring Solutions

Another simple way to effortlessly combine your indoor and outdoor spaces is by opting for the same or quite similar flooring solutions in both of these areas. Having the same colors and textures on the floors will not only help to effortlessly merge your spaces together, but it will also create the illusion of a larger and airier space. However, it would still be recommended to choose more sustainable flooring solutions that can serve an indoor-outdoor purpose, such as eco-friendly concrete, stone floors, glass tiles, or even reclaimed hardwood options that are durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Invest In  A Comfortable Outdoor Area

While most people tend to focus on bringing the outdoors in when attempting to connect their garden with their home, bringing a bit of indoors outside is also essential for creating a cohesive space. For instance, you can design an outdoor dining area on the porch or a lovely seating area in the garden, which will serve as an extension of your house, while still allowing you to connect with nature. Don’t forget to make space feel more cozy and homely by incorporating outdoor rugs that you could match with your inside space as well, for added warmth and texture. Then, decorate with soft pillows and fluffy throw blankets for the ultimate comfort outdoors.

Focus On Natural Fabrics And Materials

When it comes to bringing elements of nature inside, however, focusing on natural fabrics and organic materials is the most efficient, as well as the most sustainable solution. From reclaimed hardwood flooring to bamboo and cork furniture pieces, natural materials will allow you to incorporate that calm and relaxing feeling of the outdoors in your home, without too much effort. However, it would also be wise to focus on the smaller aspects, whether that means choosing an organic cotton sofa cover, incorporating throws made from recycled wool, or even decorating with rattan and jute accessories, in an effort to truly embrace nature inside your home.

Embrace Nature

Embrace The Beauty Of Greenery

Of course, one of the simplest and most efficient ways to bring some aspects of the outside in is to fill your home with beautiful greenery, from smaller succulents and hanging plants like Monstera, Pothos, Spider and Orchid as decor pieces to larger potted plants or even younger trees that could serve as a statement design element. Regardless of the type of greenery you choose, houseplants will allow you to seamlessly connect your indoor area with your outside space, while also helping to purify the air inside your home, thus leading to a healthier and more pleasant living environment.

Consider Seasonal Décor Elements

Even the smallest of details can make a big impact when attempting to merge the design of your home with your garden. These details can help to pull the entire interior design together, making your space look more cohesive, while still displaying a clear inspiration from nature. However, if you want your home to be eco-friendly as well, purchasing cheap décor items made from unsustainable materials is not the best design solution. Instead, turn to nature to enhance your interior by making a centerpiece from colorful leaves and branches in the fall, decorating your shelves with seashells in the summer, or making hanging elements from pine cones in the winter, for the greenest seasonal décor.

Although the sustainable interior design might seem difficult to achieve at first, there are evidently many ways you could transform your home into a more integrated indoor-outdoor space while still being kind to nature, as long as you adhere to the great tips mentioned above.

Embrace Nature in Your Interior: Smart Ways to Combine Indoor and Outdoor Areas

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