Emma Raducanu – How Did She Get Started in Tennis?

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If you are a fan of Emma Raducanu, you have probably come across her name at some point or another on the internet. This British tennis player has taken the internet by storm and is enjoying her professional debut. But have you ever wondered how she got the start that she has? You will want to know more about her. Continue reading to learn about her tennis career.

The Romanian tennis star began playing tennis at the age of five. She grew up in toronto, ontario, Canada, and has a chinese mother and a romanian father. She was raised by parents who are both finance professionals. After her parents moved to London, she began playing for a while before discovering her true passion for the game. She has since hit 30 winners to cirstea’s 18 – a record she’s proud of.

Emma Raducanu – How Did She Get Started in Tennis?
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