Mac Jones Vs Baker Mayfield in Week 11

Which quarterback is better, Baker Mayfield or Mac Jones? Both were graduates of top-tier college programs, but Mac Jones’ numbers is superior. He is comparable to Mayfield’s completion %, but has lower YPG and INT%. His sack rate is also higher. Jones is a better fit to the Patriots. We will find out in week 11.

Jones’ volume is high, but fantasy owners will need more from non-mobile quarterbacks. Mac Jones has only allowed 300 yards twice this season. The Patriots’ defense is extremely competent and efficient, which will make them more appealing to fantasy owners. Although both quarterbacks have limited upsides, they are capable of leading a team. But Jones’ volume will be a concern. It’s better to go with a proven veteran like Mayfield than an unknown rookie with no experience.

Mac Jones is older, but he’s still a better option overall. He has a more stable record, with three touchdowns in five games, while Mayfield has thrown just six in five. Jones is also more athletic and has more options. Jones is still young, but he has a better chance to win a championship. But who should we trust? Find out which quarterback is the best.

The Cleveland Browns spent the past twenty years looking for a franchise quarterback. Baker was the obvious choice, but the team hasn’t given up on him. The Browns didn’t have the luxury of swinging a trade with the Carolina Panthers, so they’re stuck with Mayfield. In addition, they didn’t want to lose their top pick, so they traded up a pick to land Matt Corral, a former quarterback who will compete with Sam Darnold for the starting job.

In the end, Mac Jones was almost perfect in the Patriots’ win over the Jets. He completed nine passes and had a good weight adjusted speed score, which correlates to success. Mac Jones’ performance is a sign of his emergence in fantasy football. Unlike Mayfield, Mac Jones is a reliable and safe option. Both quarterbacks are excellent, but they are not identical. However, Mac Jones has the better fantasy value overall.

If Baker Mayfield throws the ball effectively, he can beat the Patriots. While the Patriots are a good defense, Mac Jones may struggle against the Patriots’ elite secondary. Both quarterbacks have their strengths and weaknesses, but there is one thing certain. Mac Jones is more adept at throwing to wide receivers than Mayfield, and Mayfield can’t throw to his teammates. And Mac Jones has won four straight games. Jones has won five of the six last games.

The Browns will be better than teams with young QBs if both players pass the Mac Jones Test. The team has several options in the AFC. The Patriots have two options in case Mayfield is unable to play. Brian Hoyer will be Mayfield’s backup quarterback. They can’t afford to take chances, which could cause a slow start for Browns.

Mac Jones Vs Baker Mayfield in Week 11
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