Track Lost Android Phone Using IMEI number Online

IMEI Number

It doesn’t matter how careful you are with your smartphone. Everything happens in split seconds, you may lose your phone or it may be stolen.

Suppose what if you lose your device?

No worries, you can get it back without the internet, or sim card.  You can easily trace your phone by using the IMEI number of your phone.

Why should you track a phone?

Many mobile tracking apps have gained popularity from people who know how to use them. A cell phone tracker app is an application used for controlling and tracking the target mobile phones.

Mobile tracking apps have the following attributes:

  • Helps in Business Management.
  • Keep a Check on Your Family.
  • Allows to Protect Data.
  • Assists to Locate Lost Mobiles

Helps in Business Management:

Mobile tracking is one of the main tools people are using for the protection of their businesses. It helps people in business to monitor multiple devices of their employees. They can check the locations and online activities of the target devices through these tracking apps.

Check on Your Family:

If you’re worried about the safety of your child or spouse. You can easily monitor them by tracing their locations. Parental monitoring can be done by using these hidden trackers.

Helps to Protect Your Data:

A tracking app helps you to control all actions taking place on the target devices. You can monitor them through tracker apps.

Helps to Locate Lost Mobiles:

It is easy to locate the target device by using a mobile tracker app. If you have lost your phone through robbery or it is misplaced. You can operate them remotely by using these tracking apps.

What is an IMEI Number and What is its Purpose?

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is used to spot a lost or stolen device. It is your phone’s security number. A 15 digit number is allocated to every GSM phone. This number is the identity of your phone. Every cellular device has different IMEI numbers.

When you purchase a new mobile, you must notify the IMEI number. Even with a different sim card number, you can easily track your phone by using an IMEI number when a call is made. Through online sites and applications, you can strive to recover it. Doing this, can’t bring back your phone but it won’t be able to be used by the one who finds it.

It means the phone won’t make calls, send messages or perform actions. By contacting your device carrier and you can blacklist the device by providing the IMEI number.

Let’s now find how to track lost mobile with IMEI number;

Ways of discovering an IMEI number on your android phone?

The IMEI number can reveal other information about a phone. These include the date of production, model, brand, and features. There are several ways of discovering IMEI numbers:

By Dialing *#06#:

Firstly, by dialing *#06#, you will find a number on your phone screen. Do it with both sim slots if you have a dual sim.

Mobile Phone Settings:

The second way is checking the number in your device setting. Open settings, and;

  • Scroll down to find an “About device or system”
  • Open it by clicking and find ‘’phone status’’.
  • You will have an IMEI number tracker.

Cell Phone Box:

The third way to find an IMEI number is by checking the number on the box of the device. An IMEI number would be printed anywhere on the phone box.

Under The Battery:

The fourth way is to remove the battery of the phone and you will find it on the back of the phone.

Back of Your Phone:

The IMEI number is printed on the back of the smartphone’s surface. It can be found in print form on the backside of the phones with the non-removable back cover.

Tracker Apps:

Using Google’s location history to find your missing Android is the simplest method. A Tracker app can also be used to find it. A tracker app is also helpful when you have young children who have a phone. By installing a cell phone tracker app on their mobile, you’ll be able to make sure that they are in a safe zone. The apps are used for lost mobile phones or IMEI number tracker, AntiTheft IMEI Tracker app & TheWiSpy app are the best options. In this part, we will give you a brief introduction to these apps.

Description of AntiTheft IMEI Tracker App

Anti Theft Mobile Tracker gives users the power of monitoring and managing their mobile phone data & location updates in case of theft or loss. No need for an internet connection as you can lock and delete your data if you have forgotten to lock it and your mobile is lost or stolen. Don’t you worry!! By Anti Theft Mobile IMEI Tracker, you can lock your phone and protect your data remotely. In addition, the IMEI number tracker helps in tracing the locations of the phones.

Description of TheWiSpy Android App

The wispy cell phone tracker tracks all the activities of the lost phone remotely. The wispy IMEI number tracker app helps to track GPS location. In addition, the application gives you a detailed account of the location history on your device. Through the TheWiSpy app, you can remotely turn off your lost or stolen cell phone, and no one can unlock it without having a password.

It has a lot more unique features that help you monitor your children and employees by controlling their cell phone activities as well as online activities.


1. Can Google track your IMEI number?

Yes! You can find GPS locations easily. In addition, Google can track your IMEI number, or you may find it by using an IMEI number tracker.

2. Can the robbers change the IMEI numbers?

Yes! They can change the IMEI number of stolen phones by using a device known as “Flashers”. To avoid misuse, you must immediately inform the authorities or track your phone if it’s lost or stolen.

3. Can police track phones with IMEI?

Police can use your IMEI number to locate your stolen or lost cell phone. Even when a call is made from another sim, the IMEI number can easily track your phone to the nearest cell phone tower.

4. Can my mobile be tracked when the Location Services are off?

Mobile phones can be tracked easily even when the location is off. It is not impossible to trace your lost phone without location services.

I hope the description mentioned above, about how to track lost mobiles with IMEI numbers, helps you find the lost devices.

The Final Words:

Indeed, IMEI numbers are used to configure valid devices so that the legal authorities can protect phones reported as lost or stolen by their owners. Losing something that has your personal information, like a mobile, can be disgusting. But, a good point about today is, you can easily monitor the location of a lost device by using its IMEI number, or any mobile tracker app such as TheWiSpy. So, you can recover the personal data of your lost device.

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Track Lost Android Phone Using IMEI number Online

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