Esther Benjamin

Esther Benjamin

Esther Benjamin brings decades of global non-profit work experience. As a former senior executive at Laureate Education, and later with International Youth Foundation and International Partnership for Microbicides.

Some take great delight in reading Esther, admiring her transformation from passivity into assertiveness and leadership, while others disdain its portrayal of feminine wiles being used by Esther to achieve her ends.

Early Life and Education

Esther was selected by King *Ahasuerus to become his queen (Esther 1:19-2:8), though Mordecai advised her against doing so (Midrash Abba Guryon, Parashah). When Mordecai suggested she reveal her ancestry voluntarily (Esther 1:31-2:11), Esther refused and became queen anyway (Esther 1:22-2:8).

Medieval art depicted the story of Esther in numerous images such as those found on the walls of Dura-Europos Synagogue from the third century and also through mosaics and tapestries in Christian works of medieval Christian art.

Esther brings extensive global business partnership, education, engagement, health, and economic development expertise to over 100 countries around the world. She currently serves on the boards of Echoing Green and Seed Global Health; is a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations; holds master’s degrees in International Affairs and Applied Economics from American University as well as bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and English from North Central College.

Professional Career

Esther Benjamin has over two decades of global executive experience across public, private, and civil society organizations spanning public sector, private sector, civil society organizations as well as international non-governmental organizations (INGOs). Her career includes management consulting at Grant Thornton; World Bank History Project of Brookings Institution; International Youth Foundation; and International Partnership for Microbicides – in addition to two Presidential Administrations as White House Fellow / UN Humanitarian Affairs Officer roles.

She joined WES in 2019 as its Chief Executive and Executive Director, helping individuals from around the globe overcome difficulties associated with credential evaluation and recognition in North America.

Her academic interests encompass political theories of culture and art by Walter Benjamin and Georg Lukacs, film theory as well as animation in its various forms. She has published on both topics.

Achievement and Honors

Esther has received many honors and awards for her work, such as being honored as a White House Fellow in 1999 and serving as United Nations Humanitarian Affairs Officer in Somalia. Additionally, Esther was part of management consulting firms as well as Brookings Institution’s 1997 publication entitled: The World Bank: Its First Half Century.

Esther is an esteemed mentor at Denver Law Ascent, providing assistance for low-income students aspiring to attend law school. Additionally, Esther serves on the boards of Echoing Green Foundation and Seed Global Health as well as serving on North Central College’s trustee committee.

Established to honor Mary Ann Mannino, this award recognizes a student who demonstrates understanding of the humanities by taking criticism and analysis seriously, considering consequences thoroughly, and being generous towards others. The winner receives both a book and certificate as their prize.

Personal Life

Esther Benjamin is an award-winning author and translator renowned for her works such as George Lukacs: A Defence of History and Class Consciousness(Pluto 2000), Hollywood Flatlands: Animation Critical Theory Avant Garde (Verso 2002), Walter Benjamin The Storyteller Tales Out of Loneliness(Reaktion 2016) among others. Additionally she co-authored several books related to art and science including Liquid Crystals Nature Art Chemical Industry(LNCAICI).

The Book of Esther stands out among Biblical diaspora stories for two main reasons. First, its central narrative features a woman saving her people. Second, its apparent irreligiosity has often caused controversy and critique – some interpretations see this book as encouraging human responsibility rather than misplaced dependence on divine intervention; Jews living abroad should take charge and act to ensure their survival instead of waiting on divine intervention to keep themselves alive.

Net Worth

Esther Leslie’s revolutionary study of Walter Benjamin stands out from other works on the topic by advocating that his works should be read within their proper historical and political contexts. By doing so, she challenges poststructuralist bias that often characterizes much of Benjamin literature while placing his oeuvre within its proper historical and political settings.

Esther was a long-standing member of several art societies and organizations throughout her career, receiving multiple awards and accolades for her paintings which boast bold hues and striking compositions.

Net worth can be defined as the sum total of all of your assets minus liabilities. Knowing this figure is critical in order to assess whether you’re on track with meeting your financial goals; higher net worth indicates more secure finances.

Esther Benjamin
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