The Complete and Only Event Staging Guide You’ll Ever Need to Succeed

Event Staging

Around 80% of marketers generate sales through corporate events. In fact, over 50% of business leaders say event marketing drives a higher ROI than other channels. About 98% of consumers feel ready to shop after attending an event, too.

Are you planning an upcoming event? This event staging guide can set you up for success.

Otherwise, you might neglect to add a few essential items to your event checklist.

Don’t miss an opportunity to draw in customers! Instead, make the most of your upcoming event with these seven simple tips today.

1. Establish Goals

Before anything else, take the time to establish your goals. Establishing your goals can help you plan a more effective event. You can keep your entire team on the same page, too.

Otherwise, you might neglect certain details meant to help you accomplish those goals.

Develop goals that are SMART:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Result-Driven
  • Timely

Establishing SMART goals will help you track your progress. Break your overall goal into smaller benchmarks. Then, use key performance indicators (KPIs) to make sure you’re meeting each smaller goal.

For example, maybe you want to sign up 100 new clients by the end of your event.

Perhaps you want to use event staging to show off a new product. You can establish a goal to generate 100 pre-orders by the end of the event instead.

Once you establish your goals, determine what you need to accomplish those goals. You can have someone from your product development team demo the new product. Maybe you have a video you want to display instead.

As you start working through your event checklist, make sure you’re meeting your benchmarks. If you’re not, consider making changes to your plans.

Use this planning stage to establish your budget, too. You can plan an effective, affordable event if you outline everything you need ahead of time.

2. Consider the Main Act

Before you work on your event staging, it’s important to consider your main act. Who will take center stage?

It’s important to find the right speaker or performance for your event. The wrong speaker could lose the audience’s attention. If you can’t keep their attention, you could struggle to accomplish your event goals.

Instead, think about the type of event you want to host. For example, maybe you want to play a cozy event. Maybe you want your guests to have a fun, unforgettable experience.

The type of mood you want to create can help you determine the right speaker or performer.

Once you choose your main act, you can determine how to set up your event staging. Make sure to talk to the performer beforehand. They’ll let you know about any requirements they have, such as tables or lighting requirements.

3. Find Your Stage

There are over 250 convention centers throughout the US. Over 30% of the largest conventions host over 2,500 attendees. About 6% of events host fewer than 200 guests.

Before you can plan your staging, you’ll need to find your stage. Determine where you want to host the event. Choosing the right venue can impact the mood and atmosphere.

You can change nearly any other detail (entertainment, decorations, food) at the last minute. The venue, however, could prove more difficult to alter. Once you book a venue, you might find you’re stuck with it.

First, determine how many guests you plan on inviting. You can narrow down your options based on the space you need.

Consider how large of a stage you’ll need as well. Some venues offer more than one stage. You can host multiple speakers or performances at once.

Try to avoid choosing a venue that offers too much or too little space.

A venue that’s too large can make it seem like not many people wanted to attend. A space that’s too small will feel overpacked. Instead, take the time to explore your venue options to find the perfect space and stage.

4. Organize the Seating

Once you choose a venue, you can work on your event staging.

First, make sure to seat your audience in front of the stage. Light your performers properly. Otherwise, performers can struggle to connect with the audience.

Organizing your seating can help you better utilize your venue space. Make sure the performers won’t put their back to a portion of the audience.

5. Get Cozy

Setting your audience closer to the stage can help you host a cozy event. The performers will have an easier time engaging the audience. The audience will feel more included in the performance as a result.

Try to avoid spreading the audience out too much. Keeping the space contained can keep the performance energy locked together.

Are you planning an outdoor event like an outdoor concert this year? Consider a “fun under the sun” theme. You can plan fun events with water slides and other activities.

You can read more now before renting water slides for your next outdoor event.

If you don’t have a lot of space for your indoor event, that’s okay. Set up your buffet, bars, and other activities to the sides. You can keep the space at the center of the room open.

6. Avoid Obstructions and Distractions

Make sure there aren’t any obstructions that will block the audience’s view of the stage. That includes pillars.

Avoid distractions, too. Visual and auditory distractions will steal attention away from the performers.

Potential distractions can include the bar, buffet, or other activities. Set these tables behind the seating area instead.

7. Plan Ahead

As you start working through your event checklist, make sure to give yourself plenty of time. Start planning as soon as possible. If there are any hiccups along the way, you’ll still have time to make adjustments.

Make sure to check in with your venue, performers, and catering team ahead of time to confirm the date, too.

Set the Stage: 7 Tips for Successful Event Staging

Planning an effective, affordable event doesn’t have to feel stressful. Instead, use these seven tips for successful event staging. With these tips, you can plan fun events with complete ease!

People are bound to remember your events for years to come.

Searching for more tips? You came to the right place.

Check out our latest guides today.

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The Complete and Only Event Staging Guide You’ll Ever Need to Succeed

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