What Exactly Is a Wiccan Degree, and What Can You Do With It?

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Many people think Wicca is an age-old tradition that has been passed down for generations. In reality, the history of Wicca dates back to the mid 20th century!

It is a growing and evolving quest that is still practiced in many parts of the world. And you can learn more about this fantastical discipline too!

Many institutions offer a Wiccan degree, which demonstrates the time the student has taken to learn, study and practice Wiccan traditions.

Do you want to learn how you can empower yourself with witchcraft? Read on for more.

What Is the Wiccan Degree System?

A degree in witchcraft isn’t mean to be hierarchical or about learning new facts and histories. Instead, magic and education are seen as an unfolding of a journey in Wiccan training.

Students are expected to help with various tasks, learn from mentors, do homework, and make an effort to progress in the craft.

What Is the Guild System?

The guild system is a metaphor for the degree framework that Wiccans use. It helps prospective parties in exploring witchcraft through a three-step system. This includes:

  1. Apprentice: Learning the craft from a primary mentor
  2. Journeyman: Travel and learn from other master Wiccans
  3. Master: The student has mastered their art and is ready to go forth into the real world

A Wicca Academy would empower students with extra knowledge and skills to go forth and conquer the world.

How Can I Get a Wiccan Degree?

Learning the art of Wicca is extremely unlike a traditional university degree. The expected outcomes and learning experiences vary vastly and are personalized for every kind of learner.

In addition, most high priestesses will tell you that a Wiccan degree is just a stepping stone in the more extensive grand journey. Following are the three-degree levels in Wicca:

First Degree

The student initiates learnings and follows a lesson plan given by their mentor, master, or High Priestess.

This will involve demonstration of knowledge, assignments, activities, and more.

Second Degree

Learners at this stage act as mentors to initiates. They embark on self-study, lead rituals, teach classes, and more.

Third Degree

By this stage, students can take up leadership roles within their coven. They can teach unsupervised and even form their coven if allowed by the High Priestess.

While most traditions end with three degrees, some do have a fourth one. Responsibilities in the fourth degree would include evaluating other initiates and even apply for High Priestess roles.

Explore the World of Magic and Witchcraft Today

Learning about the rites and rituals of the Wicca tradition is an exciting and empowering journey. There is lots to be gained in a highly progressive and inclusive manner.

Enrolling for a Wiccan degree is a great way to demystify the mystery of Wicca and embark on a life-changing spiritual or religious journey.

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What Exactly Is a Wiccan Degree, and What Can You Do With It?

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