Everett Henry

Everett Henry

Everett Henry was an invaluable friend to all. He enjoyed traveling and would help any friend in need; his departure will be felt deeply by many.

His most iconic work are the captivating pictorial maps he designed in his last decade of life to brilliantly summarize classic literature plots and characters.

Early Life and Education

Everett was an enthusiastic book collector and an active Boy Scout leader, proud to work at Boys Town where he meticulously maintained its grounds. Additionally, he enjoyed teaching himself new skills like GPS mapping and drone mapping.

Henry is widely recognized for the series of exquisite “literary maps” he created between 1953 – 1961 for Cleveland printer Harris-Seybold printers in Cleveland. These maps serve to summarize plot points and characters of many classic novels such as Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, Moby Dick and Ivanhoe.

Menemsha gas station and fish market were under his ownership, providing market access for Island fishermen. Near the end of his life he moved to Chilmark and became actively engaged in Island politics; advocating that Massachusetts leave.

Professional Career

Everett Henry was an immensely respected member of the Beloit community. Known for being friendly and conscientious in his approach to work, Everett made friends among students and colleagues easily while constantly giving his best effort on every task he completed.

At 4-H meetings and fairs he often participated in plant identification competitions at Sarpy County & State Fairs, cooking delicious meals while volunteering his services to people in need; especially helping kids from his neighborhood.

In 1985, Ellard started 10 games for the Rams and passed for 4,310 yards with 29 touchdowns and 17 interceptions en route to leading them to a division title and playoff matchup against San Francisco. Ellard connected frequently with Ellard and Anderson throughout that year.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Everett had many diverse interests, from fishing and DIY projects to radio-controlled aircraft. Additionally, he enjoyed reading, political activism, and was known to defend Jewish causes passionately – often clashing with mainstream New York Jewry – when protesting James Tisch, owner of Loew’s Corporation that owns Lorillard Tobacco as UJA Federation head.

Donations by this couple was widespread, from National Public Radio and Hillel to Jewish education programs in Israel. According to their friends, they upheld rigorous standards within their family life and business while remaining modest despite amassing a fortune through investments. They were especially dedicated to Jewish education and social responsibility programs for Israeli youth programs.

Personal Life

Everett was a beloved father, grandfather, husband and friend who left behind many wonderful memories that will always remain cherished. Additionally, he left an indelible mark on his family who miss him greatly.

He was an active member of his local carpenters union for 30 years as a drywall and metal framer, offering generous assistance when someone needed help.

He loved nature and gardening with great passion. He delighted in exploring Boys Town’s trees by learning their care via GPS/drone mapping techniques, taking pride in knowing every inch of its grounds and equipment. A passionate builder, he had over 35 years of hands on construction experience spanning single family, multi-family, and general commercial construction projects.

Net worth

Ed Henry has been a veteran journalist since starting at WMAL radio in Washington D.C. in 1994. Since then he has covered four presidential administrations and moderated several debates for presidential elections, both Democratic and Republican. Today he co-anchors Fox News’ America’s Newsroom as well as acting as White House correspondent.

He is also a writer and has published two books. Married to NPR reporter Shirley Hung and father to two children, he boasts an estimated net worth of $6 Million with annual earnings exceeding $1 Million.

He has an impressive track record when it comes to stock trading. Over his 25-year trading career he has completed over 1,850 trades at an average return of 9%; an admirable achievement considering how long he has been trading stock.

Everett Henry
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