Everything You Must Know Before Moving To Vancouver


Relocating is a tedious task, but if you are moving to a city like Vancouver, it is surely worth it. The city offers a lot to ex-pats. Neighborhoods are safe and vibrant, amazing food, great education and healthcare facilities, and excellent job and growth opportunities. Now, what else does anyone need?

Moreover, moving to Vancouver is not as difficult as it seems. Besides, you can always follow a quick checklist making moving to Vancouver easy. Nevertheless, if you are still second-guessing your decision, here is a list of things you must know about the city before you finalize anything.

Pros of moving to Vancouver

Diverse in every way

The city welcomes and accepts different traditions. You will come across English, Irish, Scottish, Koreans, Chinese, Indians, Filipinos, and many more.

Scenic beauty

Along with breathtaking beaches, and North Shore mountains, Vancouver even has a Stanley Park right in the middle of the city. All in all, there is ample natural beauty to experience here.

Robust Economy

There are always openings available in fields like education, healthcare, finance, IT, etc.

Healthcare facilities

If you have a permanent residence permit, you will gain full access to healthcare and everything will be covered.

High-quality of Education

Public education in Vancouver is not just free but is recognized on the international level.

Tips for moving smoothly

Don’t work with rogue movers

Choosing the right moving company will make or break the deal. Since it is about entrusting someone with all your belongings, it is best if you work with a reputed company. Also, avoid working with ‘move brokers’ also known as ‘rouge movers’. These are not moving companies themselves, they just work as a middle man and employ other moving companies to do the job.

Book your move in advance

There are many reputed moving companies in Vancouver but it is best if you make a booking in advance. This is especially important if you are moving during the summers as moving companies are pretty busy around this time of the year.

Acquire the estimated cost of moving

Any experienced and reputed moving company will give you a quote. Also, some companies send their representative to your house to discuss your moving plan. This representative will be able to send a detailed quotation after visiting your place.

Start packing early

Even if you have hired a moving company and they will be packing for you, there will be some belongings that they won’t pack. This includes your jewelry, legal documents, photo frames, etc. it is best if you start making a list of these items and pack them well in advance. Also, to reduce the cost, you can pack non-breakables by yourself, and let the professional packers handle the task of packing fragile items.

So, there you go. Now you know everything about Vancouver and how can you move there as smoothly as possible. However, if now you have any reason to not move to this multicultural, vibrant, and full of opportunities city, it will be surely surprising.

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Everything You Must Know Before Moving To Vancouver

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