How to Find Fast Metabolism Diet Recipes

Fast Metabolism Diet Recipes

Recent data shows that 42% of Americans say they’ve gained weight during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s not hard to imagine why.

We turn to comfort food and alcohol during tumultuous times. Combine that with a heavy dose of streaming TV and a lack of activity, and Americans feel less than confident about their body as they emerge from lockdown.

You’re now ready to get back in shape and lose that dreaded COVID-15. You know you could use a little jump start, and a faster metabolism will help your diet and exercise pay off.

Do you need fast metabolism diet recipes? Read on to find out what to eat to boost your body.

How Does Metabolism Work?

Your metabolism is the bodily process that converts what you eat and drink into energy. The body takes the calories from food, combines them with oxygen, and releases the energy for bodily functioning.

Your body uses a considerable amount of energy even at rest. Processes like blood circulation, breathing, and cell growth need constant energy and make up your basal metabolic rate.

No individual basal metabolic rate is the same. There are many determining factors for how many calories your body burns in the day. Some of them are biological, while others are lifestyle choices.

These include:

  • Your muscle mass
  • Your sex
  • Your age
  • Your daily level of physical activity
  • How your body processes food

A common metabolism misconception is that slow metabolism accounts for weight gain.

While it is true that people with slower metabolic rates have a more challenging time losing weight, you will lose weight if you burn more calories than you consume.

How to Quicken Your Metabolism

Weight loss results in consuming fewer calories and burning more. Increasing your metabolic rate will help your diet and exercise yield more promising results.

There are no quick ways to boost your metabolism, though what you eat and your physical activity go a long way to help you burn more calories at rest:


The more you exercise, the more calories you burn. The more calories you burn through physical activity, the more your body will burn at rest.

What exercises should you do? Doctors recommend High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT involves very short and fast bursts of intense exertion.

HIIT shows promise by keeping your metabolic rate for hours after your workout.


Metabolic rate increase through diet is much different than diet for weight loss. There are similarities, of course. Healthy, whole foods are a vital part of any diet.

Weight loss involves calorie counting. How to speed up your metabolic rate depends on what you consume. Doctors recommend foods high in protein and lots of cold water to kick your metabolism into high gear.

Custom Diet to Quicken Metabolism

There are diets out there that promise to boost your metabolism. Learning how your genetics interact with the food you eat will help you construct a personalized diet.

If you’re interested in an in-depth genetic solution, click here to learn more.

With some research and care, you can create a custom diet to increase your basal metabolic rate. There are many recipes available:

Don’t Eat This, Drink That

When constructing your diet, there are several foods you must avoid. Say goodbye to wheat, soy, dairy, caffeine, and alcohol. Say hello to plenty of cold water. Your daily intake should be half your body weight.

Eat More Often

Snacking is seen as the enemy of weight loss, but it will increase your metabolism. Make sure you eat every three to four hours while you’re awake. Eat your breakfast no later than 30 minutes after you wake up.

Fun Metabolism Boosting Recipes

Protein is the key to any metabolism-boosting recipe. Why is that? Protein calories are harder to burn and digest than other nutrients.

Because your body has a much harder time breaking down protein, it exerts more energy post-meal. Some foods to keep in mind are chicken breasts, hard-boiled eggs, lean beef, and beans: Check out some articles to find out how much cholesterol in chicken breast is and why it is the most recommended among other parts of the chicken.

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs and Salsa Breakfast Tacos

This recipe includes high in protein eggs, spicy chili peppers, and corn tortillas. Scramble two eggs and mix with two tablespoons of fresh, homemade salsa.

Divide the eggs and salsa between two tortillas and top with fresh cilantro.

Mid-Morning Snack: Bananas and Peanut Butter

Since you should eat once every three to four hours, you’re going to need a mid-morning snack. Potassium and protein are a great combo to keep you humming until lunch.

A simple snack is a banana with natural peanut butter. Slice a banana and spread two tablespoons of peanut butter on top for a satisfying and nutrient-rich snack.

Lunch: Grilled Asparagus Salad

An easy and satisfying lunch is necessary for any day at the office. A chilled, grilled asparagus salad topped with shrimp, lemon, olive oil, and fresh parsley makes a refreshing mid-day meal.

Grill one bundle of asparagus, slice, and top with freshly squeezed lemon and a tablespoon of olive oil. Add shrimp for some lean protein.

Mid-Day Snack: Homemade Jerky

Beef, turkey, or salmon jerky serves as a protein-dense mid-day snack. Making it at home helps you control the additives. All you need is a simple food dehydrator and lots of fresh cracked black pepper.

Dinner: Scallop Ceviche

Ceviche is a seafood dish that’s cooked with a citrus marinade. Rather than placing the scallops over a heat source, you soak them with lime juice.

Spicy foods are a metabolism booster, and this recipe is full of spicy peppers.

Plus, it’s simple enough to prepare ahead of time. Boil the scallops for five minutes and then place them in a bowl. Add 1/3 cup of fresh lime juice, sliced red onion, mango, and poblano peppers.

Cover, then refrigerate for up to an hour.

Fast Metabolism Diet Recipes

The fast metabolism diet recipes aid your body’s basal metabolic rate, but quicker metabolism isn’t only about weight loss. It concerns your overall health.

There are many diet plans available to help you jumpstart your metabolism, but you can do it yourself with a careful diet and a little research.

Do you want more health and wellness news? Make sure to check out the rest of our page.

How to Find Fast Metabolism Diet Recipes

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