From Commemorative Pins To Navy Hats, Here Are 7 Gift Ideas For Veterans This Holiday Season

From Commemorative Pins To Navy Hats, Here Are 7 Gift Ideas For Veterans This Holiday Season

The holiday season is officially here. This means that not only is it time to start thinking of gifts for everyone on your list, but also time to get really creative for those that deserve something extra meaningful.

Many of us are privileged to have military veterans as part of our families. Not only are they a contributor to some of the biggest achievements for the United States of America, but have a unique and deep appreciation for life. This means that not just any ordinary gift will do for veterans.

They deserve nothing but the absolute best. When you look at the history of the military, some of the bravest and most incredible people have risked their lives. To be a military veteran means that they should be honored in a way that makes them still feel connected and honored for their heroic contribution.

That is why we have rounded up all the best gift ideas for that military veteran in your family. From a us navy hat to commemorative lapel pins, here are some gifts that will really make them feel special and admired.

1. A Veteran Flask

Every veteran deserves to drink. And there is no better way to give them the “cheers” they deserve than with a flask that has the branch of the military they served in designed onto it. But, this gift does not just have to be about alcohol either.

Many veterans are equally going to live a healthy and active lifestyle after their service is over too. That is why the flask can equally be used as a hydration flask so that they can take this as a water bottle on any big outdoor adventure and feel badass doing so.

2. A Silicon Ring

As we’ve just mentioned, many veterans live an active lifestyle. This means that they will want to have jewelery that is durable and won’t get scuffed up. That is why a great gift for military veterans is to get them a silicon ring that is military-inspired. It will be a special keepsake that they can hold close to their heart—literally.

3. Coffee That Supports Veterans

There are some great coffee brands out there that are not only veteran-owned but also help support veterans who may be struggling after their time in the service.  So if your veteran enjoys a cup of joe in the morning, get them a coffee that supports veterans too. You can get them a single batch or a subscription for a year-long’s supply delivered directly to their door.

4. Military Hats

Every veteran needs a great hat to commemorate their service and wear proudly wherever they go. The US Navy hat is one of the best options for those sailor veterans who have served proudly out at sea. This gift is great for any veteran, whether newly minted or just left.

5. Commemorative Pin

There is a long line of history that is associated with commemorative pins in the military. In fact, the first lapel pins actually came during the Civil War era and were used to help easily identify soldiers. But from there, the pins progressed to have a much deeper patriotic meaning, especially during World War I.

Now, there are commemorative pins for all branches of the military, along with various accomplishments. That is why getting a commemorative pin for that veteran in your family is such a great and special gift. It is extremely personal and celebrates all they achieved during their service.

6. A Veteran Backpack

Another great gift to get that veteran in your family is a backpack that is designed by veterans too. These bags are truly one of a kind and come with a ton of accessories that are both durable and military-grade. Plus, the purchase of a veteran-owned bag will help support a range of veteran initiatives as well.

Plus, you should consider getting a journal to put inside the backpack as well. Whether it is a journal that is religious or simply one that lets them write things down and meditate, it is an extra addition to the gift that will really mean a lot.

7. A Deck of Cards

Chances are that your veteran is really good at playing cards. When in the military, many servicemen and women spend their free time playing various card games in the barracks. So, getting them a deck of playing cards for the holidays will bring back all the nostalgia. Plus, it will make for a fun activity after all the gift-giving is finished, as they can teach everyone else some of their favorite games.


If you are looking for the perfect gift for the veteran in your family, look no further than these seven ideas.

From Commemorative Pins To Navy Hats, Here Are 7 Gift Ideas For Veterans This Holiday Season

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