Fun Outside-the-Box Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas

We all have someone in our lives that feels impossible to shop for. It can be incredibly challenging to find meaningful gifts for people who either seem to have everything or seem to like nothing. Thankfully, the era of internet shopping has given creative people of all sorts an avenue to sell unique, homemade items. Here are some fun ideas that will certainly make for memorable presents!

Personalized Action Figures

Let’s start with something fun. Imagine unwrapping a gift box and finding an action figure that looks like you! Customizable action figures LA County are fun, one-of-a-kind gag gifts among friends. They can also be used as a fun “leave-behind” promotional item for people in sales, attached to a business card. Conversely, salespeople could have figurines made of their clients as thank-you gifts. For Disney fans, there is a chance to purchase a Disney subscription box that contains Disney action figures and other accessories. They can also be used.

Customized View Finders

Do you remember the view finders you used to get when you were growing up? Maybe you got some with still photos from your favorite movie or TV show. Or perhaps your parents bought one on a sightseeing vacation as a souvenir. Proving the adage “everything old is new again,” viewfinders are suddenly a fun, kitschy item. That makes them a perfect unique gift for a friend or family member. You can customize them to include pictures of your favorite memories of the person you’re buying them for. They also work great for birthdays or anniversaries; you can start with early, young pictures and move up to the present day.

Light-Up T-Shirts

This one may be geared a little more towards kids, but it can also be fun for the young at heart. Using either built-in LED technology, or special pens that can leave light-up writing on fabric, you can have a t-shirt that really stands out in a crowd, with a custom message or picture on it!

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Fun Outside-the-Box Gift Ideas

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