Functional Medicine vs Integrative Medicine: Is There a Difference?

Functional Medicine vs Integrative Medicine

If you’re wondering how to pick between functional and integrative medicine, you’re not alone. Over one-third of Americans use complementary and alternative medicine as part of their healthcare!

Not sure where to start? You can purchase medicine from a medicine delivery application according to your requirements. Read on to learn about functional medicine vs integrative medicine. Learn how you can benefit from these holistic healing approaches.

Functional Medicine vs Integrative Medicine

Plenty of Americans these days are eating unhealthy food and struggling to live a healthy lifestyle. You may be feeling frustrated with traditional medicine’s approach. Often, medication and surgery are the only treatment options.

Luckily there are different types of medicine. Functional and integrative medicine share a holistic approach. But there are some big differences between the two.

As you’re considering the different types of medicine and which one is best for you, it’s helpful to look at the main differences and similarities.


Both integrative and functional medicine focus on seeing you as a whole person, not a series of symptoms. Both types of medicine are based on lifestyle changes and holistic healing instead of surgeries and medication.

A functional or integrative medicine doctor trusts you to take control of your own healing. You have a say in your medical care.

Integrative medicine treats patients holistically. This means the integrative doctor will assess their patient’s lifestyle and diet choices. The doctor may also integrate holistic healing modalities like yoga, acupuncture, and massage.

The integrative doctor sees you as a whole person, not as a series of symptoms. A Functional Medicine doctor also treats you holistically. Your doctor will often include integrated healing methods.


The major difference is that a functional medicine doctor will always search for the root cause of your complaints. Unlike integrative medicine doctors, they will always dig deeper. Although they will integrate holistic approaches, they will also work hard to find out the root cause of your issues.

When you visit a functional medicine clinic they will use lab testing and supplements to address your issue at its root. Say, for example, you are dealing with obesity. Your functional medicine doctor will not just tell you to exercise or eat less.

They will test you for hormone imbalances, thyroid issues, and more. You will receive a treatment plan that solves your root issue. With functional medicine, your doctor will never mask or suppress your symptoms.

A functional medicine doctor will advise you on healthy food to eat and lifestyle changes you can make. They will also provide you with treatments and supplements tailored to your body.

Choosing Holistic Healing

Both types of medicine can benefit you and help you. Both modalities view your body holistically.

With integrative medicine, you’ll change your lifestyle. You’ll also explore alternative treatments like acupuncture and yoga.

With functional medicine, a holistic approach is also included. The benefit of functional medicine is the focus on finding the root cause of your complaints in addition to holistic treatment.

Hopefully it’s been helpful to learn the differences between Functional medicine vs Integrative medicine. Check out our other blog posts to learn more about taking charge of your health.

Functional Medicine vs Integrative Medicine: Is There a Difference?

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