George Drosis

George Drosis, Attorney at Law

George Drosis is a highly-respected attorney who specializes in Family Law, Business Litigation, Estate Planning & Probate matters. He has earned an AV Preeminent(r) rating by Martindale-Hubbell for his superior legal abilities, impeccable ethics, and commitment to client success. Based in Troy, Michigan, George’s practice serves clients nationwide.

Early Life and Education

George Drosis was born in Chydira of Lesbos and later moved to Smyrna to live with his uncle who worked as a practical architect. While studying painting under Nikephoros Lytras and sculpture under Leonidas Drosis at the School of Arts in Athens, he graduated with honors in 1877 from both disciplines. For several years he also freelanced as an artist, exhibiting his works at venues such as the New York Art Club and other prestigious galleries. Additionally, George Drosis joined the National Academy of Design while maintaining a studio in NYC until 1932 when he passed away.

George Drosis has been recognized by Martindale-Hubbell for over a decade as a preeminent attorney, earning an “AV” rating since 2014. A member of both the American Bar Association and International Academy of Law, his expertise is widely respected throughout legal circles.

Professional Career

George is a litigation expert who excels at high-stakes family law cases. With his ten years of trial experience, George provides clients with the right level of guidance through divorce or complex property division disputes. Additionally, he represents clients in business disputes and probate & estate planning matters. With George’s AV Preeminent rating, you can rest assured knowing your case is in capable hands; plus his excellent client service will keep stress levels down during the process.

Achievements and Honors

George Drosis is one of Detroit’s most esteemed and accomplished legal professionals, having earned himself numerous prestigious honors and awards including consecutive receipt of the AV Preeminent(r), a rating reserved for only the finest attorneys.

He is an exceptional family law attorney and frequent speaker at legal and industry events, giving seminars on topics ranging from estate planning to probate. Beyond his legal knowledge, he also possesses the ability to build and nurture lasting relationships with clients. Furthermore, he’s an adept negotiator and fierce advocate for his clients’ best interests; always willing to go the extra mile in order to help his clients reach their objectives.

Personal Life

Personal life is the sum of choices that define one’s identity. It differs from social life, which typically refers to elements such as work and community involvement that shape an individual’s role within society.

George is a highly esteemed Detroit trial lawyer who has maintained an AV Preeminent(r) rating from Martindale-Hubbell since 2014. He is an expert litigator with extensive experience in family law and business litigation matters.

He has represented dozens of clients at trial on complex matters throughout his career. Additionally, he provides legal advice regarding estate planning and probate matters. Clients appreciate his straightforwardness in answering their questions about a case’s merits, while former customers praised his expertise and professionalism. As board-certified in Michigan family law, he specializes in high-asset divorces as well as complex issues pertaining to marital property division, child support payments, and custody arrangements.

Net Worth

Hungarian-American philanthropist, stock investor, currency speculator and social activist George Soros is estimated to have a net worth of $9 billion. This fortune was achieved through his founding of Soros Fund Management which generated more than $30 billion in profits for investors over decades.

He’s an acclaimed philanthropist, having donated $32 billion to his own foundation and other charities. Since 1984, his Open Society Foundations has distributed $15 billion to various organizations around the world – making him one of the world’s most generous givers.

Soros’ net worth has steadily increased over the years due to his successful investments and philanthropy. He is an enthusiastic supporter of left-wing causes and political activism, as well as a passionate champion for democratic governance, free expression, and individual rights.

George Drosis

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