George Schoettle

George Schoettle

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Early Life and Education

George Schoettle is an American journalist renowned for his articles about politics and government. A native of Indianapolis, Schoettle attended Southport High School and Indiana University before working at the Indianapolis Business Journal.

He was an active member of his community and had a deep-seated passion for the arts. Additionally, his appreciation of nature and wildlife was unwavering.

He worked to enhance the library’s service quality and promoted children’s books as its champion. For many years, he served as board president of the organization.

He is survived by his wife, Elizabeth. She is a journalist and has three pets – three salty dogs and sweet cats. Additionally, Elizabeth served on the board of a nonprofit organization.

Professional Career

George began his professional career at newspapers in Greenwood and Franklin, Indiana before landing the job of a lifetime with IBJ in 1998. George attributes his success to hard work, dedication and an unwavering commitment to his family and friends’ well-being. A passionate animal lover and music fanatic, George lives with his wife Elizabeth in Southport with their three dogs and cats. When not working at IBJ HQ, George enjoys golfing, reading, long distance cycling and running – for which he is both Certified Home Inspector and Energy Rater! With these qualifications come great knowledge to assist you with any home inspection needs you may require!

Achievements and Honors

George’s hard work ethic and positive outlook leave his peers in awe. His impressive grade point average, athletic ability on the lacrosse field and warmth towards those around him in school and outside of it serve as a model of what an exemplary student should be like.

In addition to his many impressive academic accomplishments, he has received recognition for his athletic prowess. He was a three-time All-Conference linebacker and the ICAC’s Most Valuable Player in 1992.

He served as the inaugural Executive Associate Dean for Basic Sciences at UAMS from 2014-2016, an honor he held throughout his tenure there. His capacity to promote research, education and collaboration were well-known throughout his tenure there; he received both the Medical Alumni Association’s Distinguished Faculty Award and an Abernathy Award in Internal Medicine from Arkansas Chapter of American College of Physicians for his efforts.

Personal Life

George Schoettle was an astute businessman. He owned and operated several small businesses, as well as serving on the board of directors for a major national bank.

His life’s greatest joy was spending time with his beloved wife, Louise. Married for 68 years, they shared the best part of it together until her passing in 2006. Survived by two sons: James and Thomas Culver Schoettle of Greenfield; daughter Mary Louise Schoettle Kindle of Winchester; 10 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren – James passed away in 2006 while Thomas suffered from cancer.

He is a proud grandfather, great-grandfather and an incredible man who will be greatly missed by his family and friends. A memorial has been created in his honor as the best tribute we can do. If you would like to learn more about this remarkable invention, click the link below for further details.

Net Worth

George Schoettle returned to work after serving in World War II, his company had already begun construction of a new addition to their factory. Their paper box machines had been extended, so they needed more room to manufacture products. So they hired local architect J. Fletcher Street to design an east side wing featuring four floors and a covered loading dock facing Green Street.

Due to the statutory adjustment and averaging process used in computing capital stock value, George Schoettle’s share of his company’s net worth is estimated at thirty-seven and one-half percent.

George Schoettle

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