Engagement Ring – How to Choose it?

Engagement Ring

Are you thinking of asking your partner to marry you? The moment of the marriage proposal is a key moment in the life of the couple. It’s something you’ve been waiting for your whole life, and therefore you want it to be perfect. Both the proposal and the engagement ring have to be special since it is the first step towards a life together. That is why choosing the engagement ring becomes an exciting experience, as well as worrying.

Before buying the engagement ring, you have to take into account several aspects: What is the style of your partner? How do know the ring size? What budget do you have? … Don’t panic! In today’s article we help you with our tips to choose the engagement ring with which your partner can only say “Yes, I do.”

How Should the Engagement Ring be?

White gold? With diamonds? Original or classic design? Forget all these questions and, starting from the idea that the ideal engagement ring does not exist, think about your partner. How is it? At this point in your relationship, you surely know her well. Think about what lifestyle you have, what are clothes and accessories you use the most, the colors you like the most … If you are a person who does not like ornaments very much and does not usually wear jewelry, it is better that you choose a ring simple, that can go with everything. Think about the jewelry that she wears the most, if she usually wears it and try to make the model of engagement ring you choose the same style. If you do not like gold tones and do not usually wear yellow gold jewelry, it is best to choose a white gold engagement ring.

If you and your partner are both romantics, you should ask for her hand with a diamond ring. Diamond is an indestructible mineral; hence a diamond ring expresses the idea of ​​a promise that will never be broken, that of being “together forever until death does you part.” A diamond ring is the symbol of true love and commitment for life, if you have the budget for it, do not think twice and choose one for the proposal.

And, speaking of budgets….

How Much Does Engagement Ring Cost?

The price of an engagement ring depends, in principle, on the material with which it is made: gold rings (white or yellow) are usually a bit more expensive, while the prices of silver rings are lower. If you want to leave your partner with her mouth open, the idea is that you give her a beautiful ring, gold if possible, but you don’t have to spend a whole month’s salary on it. For 300 USD, you can find precious and delicate rings, bearing in mind that above all, it is a promise of the future and not an investment. As long as you have bought it with enthusiasm and offer it the most profound feelings, your partner will like it. With that being said, we can suggest you visit ItsHot’s website for engagement ring shopping. Their selection varies a lot in terms of both price and design. The price range starts from just over 200 USD, and you can check it via this link.

What is Engraved on Engagement Rings?

Even if you have decided on the ring model with which you are going to ask your partner for her hand, there is one more detail to take into account: What to engrave on the ring? It should be a meaningful phrase or word for the couple, that will serve as a memory forever. The dates when the couple met or the date of the engagement are also usually recorded. Of course, if you are not sure when you are going to ask for his hand or you are not sure when you met, it is better to bet on safer things! Like “I love you”, “Together forever” or, why not, a simple “You and me”.

How to Know the Ring Size?

Once you have chosen the engagement ring, you need to know the size. You do not want the ring to be narrow or too large, better to get it right the first time, although later adaptations can be made in a jewelry store. Ideally, you should go to buy it with a ring that your partner uses, to be able to compare. Another idea is that you do it at home, using a ring size chart, but make sure you do it when you are at home alone, you do not want to spoil the surprise and make your partner realize what is about to happen!

Finally, you do not want to realize at the last moment that you do not know which hand to put the ring when asking for the hand. You’re in luck, there seems to be no clear rule on which hand it should be put in! Of course, both the engagement ring and the wedding band are put on the ring finger, a romantic tradition that dates back to Ancient Rome. The Romans believed in the existence of a vein that connects the heart with the ring finger, hence it is placed on the fourth finger from the thumb, as a symbol of the love that unites the bride and groom.

By following these tips to choose the engagement ring, you are safe, and you will surprise your partner with a unique and special jewel, as she is for you. Having said all this, now you have the most interesting part, preparing the proposal … we’ll talk about that in another post! Keep visiting our blog for the next post.

Engagement Ring – How to Choose it?

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