The Best Gifts for Med Students

Going to college is hard enough, but students in med school are in a league of their own.

Unless you’ve been there yourself, it’s hard to imagine exactly how busy and high-stress the job of a med student is. But when it’s time to buy your favorite doctor-to-be a gift, you know it can’t be just anything — it needs to be something that will make their lives easier or better.

So what can you get the person who probably has a minuscule social life right now and is always studying?

Here are some gifts that any med student will love and appreciate. They’re perfect for all occasions and every field of medicine, too!

1. Medical Equipment

One of the top requests from med students is the gift of medical equipment. Some supplies are necessary, regardless of the student’s field of study.

Medical equipment is often required by instructors in a course, but it can also be taken into the new graduate’s future career to help them get started. If you are looking to invest in a useful gift that is also affordable, check out these popular supplies:



Considered to be the “heartbeat” of a medical student’s career, this essential equipment is required for every healthcare degree-seeker. You can find one for under $100 at most medical supply stores.

Pulse Ox

A pulse ox, or pulse oximeter, measures a person’s oxygen level and heart rate. They are becoming more popular for home use but are a must-have in the medical field. You can find cheap ones for around $50 or get a sophisticated one for under $500.

High-Quality Pens

As a soon-to-be physician, your favorite med student will be signing lots of paperwork. A high-quality pen makes them look impressive but also comes in handy. 

Anatomical Models

Whatever field of specialization your med student is pursuing, there’s an anatomical model for that. You can find a replica of every bodily organ and system or a complete human skeleton. Prices will range depending on the model. 

Medical History Notebook

When a graduate begins working in the healthcare field, they will likely have a computer program that tells them their patient’s medical history. Until then, keeping a medical history notebook is a helpful way to be able to follow up with patients and make notes of anything important.

You can always ask the person you’re gifting if there is a certain instrument they would like to have but can’t afford. If there isn’t, any of these would be a great choice! 

2. Medical Books

Medical textbooks are pricey, but they are often covered by student grants and loans. Other medical books are beneficial and can help your favorite med student become an expert in their field.

No matter which branch of study someone explores, anatomy books are essential. Knowing the parts of the body and how they all interact is the key to treating a person, regardless of the problem.

Medical Books

Prescription books are another safe choice. Physicians should learn about the most common medications, what they are used for, and their side effects.

Medical journal subscriptions are a great ongoing gift. Students and graduates use them to keep up with the most recent research in their field.

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3. Clothes and Accessories

Clothes make the professional physician. As much as we shouldn’t judge a person based on their appearance, in reality, doctors have to deal with this happening all the time.

Scrubs are a must for med students, as are comfortable shoes if you can narrow down the recipient’s size and preferences.

If that’s too personal, a briefcase or carry-on suitcase are good alternatives. These are necessary for interviews and traveling to a new job. An Apple watch or something similar is another favorite and oft-requested accessory, too!

4. Gift Cards

Gift cards might seem impersonal, but they really are some of the most appreciated presents for college students. 

The really great part about gift cards is that you don’t even have to see the recipient to give it to them. You can go online to any of the stores or a gift card outlet like, buy a card, and have it emailed to them.

Here are a few types of gifts cards you might consider:

  • Gas cards
  • Amazon cards
  • Restaurants
  • Supermarket cards

Med students don’t have a lot of downtimes, but if you want your special person to relax, a spa day gift certificate is an excellent choice.

Can’t choose? You don’t have to! 

A Visa gift card serves the same purpose but lets the receiver decide what they need the most. You’ll probably find that any gift card is appreciated by your med student. 

5. Smart Devices

Buying for a tech-lover? A smart device that helps them with their studies is a handy gift. 

Noise-canceling headphones are a blessing for someone trying to get a few minutes of rest on their break from work in a noisy hospital. You can get a pair of cheap ones for around $20 or opt for the fancier versions for around $300. 

Digital highlighters are one of the newest smart gadgets on the block. These little devices let the user transfer all the notes and highlights from their book into their smartphone. The text can also be translated into other languages.

Since everything is going digital, you can also look into medical apps or general student apps. If you find one perfect for your med student, purchase a subscription for them, and they can download the app to their phone.


College students are always challenging to buy for because you want their gift to be both practical and personal. Medical students are even more difficult with their busy and heavy schedules. 

But, any of these gifts are sure to be a winner for your favorite med student, no matter the event!

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The Best Gifts for Med Students

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