Going to Office after COVID? Here’s How You Can up Your Fashion

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Covid-19 is now prevalent all around the world. With the present situation still worse in China (shanghai), many countries have gotten a respite from the contagious coronavirus. So, many offices and businesses have started calling back their employees so that they can work in a common office or environment.

However, after two years of working at home, you may be feeling reluctant to go to the office. The struggle of waking up and dressing up will again become a hassle to you every morning. The office fashion from two years ago may not have changed much, but you might have lost the taste of dressing up as you spent two years wearing casual clothes at home.

So, to up your fashion and to make you ready to kick start your mornings, we’ve curated a list of fashion tips for dressing up for the office. Reading these will spark your mind and give you fashionable ideas for dressing up and making your mornings office-ready.

Palazzo pants with a collared blouse

Whether you pair palazzo pants with a short blouse and long top, the end look is professional and suitable for the office. As you spent your days in loose clothes, suddenly wearing tight pants and shirts may make you uncomfortable and awkward. So, to make sure you are at your best when going to the office, choose this look to not only feel safe but also stylish. It can be a great look to click some pictures with your colleagues while being comfortable. Pair the pants with a collared blouse for added beauty and class.

Long Kurti with leggings

Long Kurtis can never go wrong as the office look. Available in several designs and patterns, long Kurtis paired with matching leggings can make you feel comfortable when you return to the office after a long time. They can easily make you look professional, and when you chose to accessorise with minimal jewellery, you’d be perfect to go to the office without looking informal.

When selecting Kurtis, it’s better to go with light and solid colours with less design and patterns. Kurtis with heavy embroidery or abstract patterns may not be suitable for your office.

Jeans on casual Fridays

In most of the offices, there is a concept called casual Fridays where employees can come in Jeans and t-shirts. Make the most out of the occasion and opt for wearing blue jeans paired with smart t-shirts or casual shirts. White t-shirts or shirts are the best with jeans and they can make fit into corporate offices and in other kinds of businesses as well. When you have to attend meetings, don’t forget to pair the look with a black blazer to add a formal vibe.

Go complete formal

Maybe you just have to dress up completely formal to get you out of the home and attend the office. So, don’t hesitate to take extra time and dress up formal on the first day of the office. Wear formal trousers with a suitable formal shirt. Make sure your shoes go with the formal look and elevate your professionalism in you. Style your hair formally with a ponytail and keep the accessories minimum. And that’s it, the formal look is ready to cut the laziness and make you office-ready with loads of confidence.

Formal trousers with shirts

If going completely formal is not your forte, then you can try a semi-casual look by wearing trousers and pairing them with a casual shirt. It’s perfect for those who are looking to back to the office keeping the mind as casual as possible. It’s for those who don’t want to make going back to the office a big issue and want to feel like it’s a routine thing. It’s also one of the best looks that helps you come out of your fashion comfort zone without going too extraordinary.

Pencil skirts are evergreen

When trying to look formal and professional, pencil skirts could never go wrong. Whether you choose basic colours like black or vibrant hues like blue or red, it makes you look like you are up for work and nothing else. When you enter the meeting room wearing the pencil skirt paired with a blouse and a blazer, all eyes will be on you and what you’re about to talk about. All these days, you might have conducted meetings via zoom. But in a meeting room, your presence must talk about business and nothing else. Pencil skirts help you achieve that easily.

Salwar suit for the Indian look

Perhaps you are looking for a more casual yet traditional and also professional office dress. Then salwar suits are the best. Though they give you the native look, they are perfect for those who just joined the company and want to make a good impression. It makes you look humble, ready to learn, and also enthusiastic. When wearing salwar suits, opt for cotton material instead of silk or rayon for added professionalism. Pair the look with minimal accessories and jewellery, and if you want, you can leave the hair open. It goes well with the salwar suits.

Go casual with Kurtis and tunics

Like salwar suits, Kurtis and tunic tops are the best for the going-back-to-the-office look. These are for the employees who like to visit the office in their best dress while also being comfortable and fashionable. You can pair these Kurtis with jeans or formal trousers depending on the week day. You can also wear vibrant coloured tops while keeping the bottoms subtle and neutral.

Final words

All these work from home days, you might have gotten used to the homely and casual look by wearing pajamas. However, when stepping out and working in a professional environment, you have to dress accordingly to the social etiquette. So, instead of wearing the previous work wear, you can try the above ideas to change your vibe. Learn here: how a change of style can change your life. It’s the best way to break free from comfort zone while also being ethical and professional.

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Going to Office after COVID? Here’s How You Can up Your Fashion

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