Google is Updating its Search to Show You More Relevant Results

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Do you know the situation when you type a query into Google search and then see the search results from the same sites? Thanks to information from the search giant itself, it was recently revealed that the company is working hard to ensure that search results are more diverse and not lead multiple times to the same site.

After Google Update, You Won’t See One Site More Than Twice in Search

In a tweet, Google Search Liaison explained that this update means you won’t see more than two relevant results from a single site. Of course, this still depends on the specific request. If Google determines that the information from a site is highly relevant to your search query, you may get more than two results, for example, if you searched for a specific article on a topic on a specific site or are trying to buy an item from one of the specific online stores.

If you’re wondering how the update affects subdomains, then Google says that the search algorithm usually refers them to the same site. However, the company also clarified that to diversify search results, they will “be treated as separate sites when deemed appropriate.”

Overall, this is good. Instead of having some of the same top-ranked sites, users will have more different sources, and smaller sites are less likely to be overlooked by being on the second or even third page of results, as they used to be. Sites with high search rankings also do not need to worry and call an urgent planning meeting to rethink their SEO strategies, as sometimes happens after the search engines have introduced new algorithms. In a tweet, Google’s Danny Sullivan explained that highly ranked sites would continue to show up in the same spot in search results – they won’t show multiple results as they used to.

Google Updates will Take a While

The update is now rolling out, although it is distributed separately from the main June update released earlier this week. Currently, some Twitter users report that they still see more than two relevant results in their search from the same site. However, it’s also worth remembering that updates like these take some time to propagate before they work for everyone.

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Google is Updating its Search to Show You More Relevant Results

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