Complete Guide to Green Roofing For Residential Homes

Green Roofing

The roof plays an essential part in every house, and everybody knows it. However therefore, various types of roofing can be done according to people’s personal preferences. For example, some people go for green roofing on the top of their roofs because of their own choice.

So, we are here to provide you with the information about green roofing in detail; then, you will be able to do it on your house’s roof. So, let’s dig into it!

Green Roofing:

After listening to the term green roofing, the first thing that comes to mind is flowers, green vegetables, fruits, grass, etc. It seems attractive at first glance. However, green roofing is defined as a system installed on the existing roof for growing flora.

The best thing about green roofing is that you can install any green roofing according to the plants you want to grow on your roof. In the green roofing system, the plants you want to succeed have a proper drainage system so that your roof doesn’t get damaged after installing the additional layer.

The green roofing system is made uniquely to grow the plants on the roof and has many features that make you free from the tension of roof damage. In addition, these systems come up with root and waterproofing repellent that keeps the roof’s structure safe and sound from harm.

These things encourage you to install a green roof today because it will look good, and you can quickly grow some vegetables at home.

Various types of green roofing:

Now let’s discuss types of green roofing that can be chosen according to the plant’s requirements growing on the roof. On the primary basis, we have two types:

  • Extensive green roofing
  • Intensive green roofing

These green roofing types are differentiated by the number of plants you want to grow on the roof. Usually, homeowners prefer to choose the extensive green roofing because it covers a large area and offers many advantages over intensive one. However, there are many differences between these types, which we will now discuss in detail.

Extensive Green roofing:

The extensive green roofing system can support up to 25 pounds of vegetation measured per square foot compared to intensive green roofing. In addition, this roofing system requires deficient maintenance because it is very light in weight and has only a low vegetation layer.

That low layer of vegetation consists of grass, wildflowers, moss, and sedum. In the extensive green roofing, sedum is mainly used because of its low maintenance quality and hardiness with the roof structure.

In extensive green roofing, plants grow naturally without regularly checking and maintaining wildflowers are planted on it that only require yearly fertilization and weeding. So, if you need low maintenance green roofing system, go for an extensive one.

Intensive Green roofing:

After listening to its name, many of you have already guessed about it. However, it requires high maintenance because you can install various plants according to your choice in this system. Moreover, every plant or flower needs different growing circumstances, making this type uncommon and complex.

You have to keep the different plants separately in this roofing system, like maintaining them in a natural garden. Moreover, the lifting capacity of intensive green roofing is less compared to extensive one. As a result, it offers the hold of only 150 pounds of vegetation per square foot.

The intensive roofing allows you to make your own floral space according to your taste and aesthetic sense. Still, it requires some labor work and proper check and balance to keep the plants and flowers growing in appropriate circumstances.

If you love gardening and know that you can handle it, go for this type of roofing.

Advantages of Green roofing:

There are many reasons behind the selection of green roofing over other types of roofing, which we are going to explain below:

  • Green roofing systems on the homes offer many benefits to the community as it lessens the overall heat in the environment because of a large number of vehicles.
  • The plants and flowers keep the dust and smog away by catching a lot of pollutants.
  • Green roofing saves the money you waste on heating.
  • Green roofing becomes a natural barrier between the roofs, automatically reducing noise.


The green roofing systems are made to better the people and communities they are living in. For example, today, Earth needs plantations to reduce various weather effects, and by installing green roofing, you can contribute to it.

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Complete Guide to Green Roofing For Residential Homes

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