How to Partner Your Designer Bag with a Pair of Shoes

Designer Bag with a Pair of Shoes

When you invest in a luxury piece like a designer bag, it should seamlessly pull your outfits together. Regardless of what you wear, a thoughtfully designed bag is an item that goes with everything. The one part of your outfit that might throw it off is a poorly chosen pair of shoes. If you want to avoid that, you need to consider a few things about your designer work purse, traveler bag, or satchel. These points will help you carry your investment bag without your shoes getting in the way.

Consider Your Designer Bag’s Qualities

Your designer bag will have qualities that must be considered before selecting a corresponding shoe style. You should take as much pride in the features of your shoes as you do in your bag. The following characteristics are ideal elements to consider.

Design and Materials

A quality design is essential to your look and your professional and personal vibe. Look at the structure and style of your womens designer work bag. Is it a chic box bag, a sophisticated duffle bag, or a smaller work satchel? These look sophisticated and timeless, making finding shoes to enhance these qualities essential.

Additionally, select work bags allow you to enjoy superior materials, such as sustainably manufactured Italian nylon and ethically sourced Italian leather. These ideal examples pair beautifully with a variety of different shoes.

Organization and Longevity

Organizational features may not be visible to everyone, but they’re important. If your ideal interior has pockets, large compartments, a water bottle holder, key strap, card slots, and other easy-to-access features, you are not looking for just one pair of shoes. You’re the kind of person who wants shoes for literally every occasion—all of those shoes need to match and flatter your bag.

A designer work bag’s interior and exterior are thoughtfully crafted to last many years (if not a lifetime). You might not be able to find the same longevity in a pair of shoes, but by focusing on quality craftsmanship, you will continue to find high-quality footwear that brings out the best of your bag.

Look at How You Use a Designer Traveler Bag

Where you take your bag and how you put it to use may determine what kind of shoe would best match it. That is the goal, after all. This is about enhancing the look of your bag, so consider the different places you may carry it.


A designer work purse like a womens laptop work bag makes carrying work essentials more convenient. If you’re using your bag for work and need to find shoes to match, they should look equally as sleek and sophisticated as the exterior of your functional accessory.


The gym is a great place to bring duffle-style traveler bags. These bags have larger main compartments for extra clothes and may even feature a separate ventilated shoe space. You might consider some stylish gym shoes and a pair of classic black flats to change into when you’re done with your workout. Interestingly enough, sporty slide sandals are also unexplainably fashionable at the moment.


If you primarily use your designer women’s work bag outside of work, it definitely impacts what shoes draw out the bag’s best qualities. Don’t try to get away with wearing five-year-old fashion boots with your luxury bag. Choose clean, stylish, and timeless footwear like a leather Chelsea boot. It will pair well with both Italian nylon and leather bags.

designer women


Comfort should always be a factor in choosing your bag and shoes when traveling. A traveler bag needs to be carry-on sized with lay-flat handles for under-seat storage while also giving you space to fit clothing, work necessities, and shoes (one or more pairs). The bag needs a roomy interior, and you need shoes that are easy to move in. Clean, fresh, white sneakers can be a good match.

Think of the Time of Year You Use Your Bag

Do you use a different work bag every season? Whether you focus on color or silhouette, the bags you carry at certain times of the year influence what shoes you wear.

Spring and Summer

Spring and Summer are ideal times to travel for work and recreation. A color and style that suits both? Green. There are various greens you could go with for summer, but a hunter green duffle traveler bag is versatile, sophisticated, and just a little bit playful. Plus, the color can be enhanced by a vast number of shoe styles in various colors—boots, sneakers, pumps, and sandals included. Look for one with a padded crossbody strap and a luggage sleeve in the back, so it’s easy to carry through an airport.

Fall and Winter

Hunter green also works in fall and winter, but if you’re looking for a bag with more structure in its silhouette, you may want a tote or a sleek work purse. Stay away from fur-lined boots, and opt for knee-high patent leather looks to bring out the sophistication of your bag.

Be Aware of the Kinds of Shoes You Like

As was the case when you selected your investment bag, your shoes need to match your sense of style. This will help bring your whole look together, so your It bag looks perfectly chic and sophisticated at your side.


Those with casual tastes can easily carry chic duffle bags or sleek, structured pieces. Their shoes look neat and tidy. Both the bag and shoes have an elegant yet relaxed appearance. Think spotless white sneakers or stylish sandals.


If you like to get dressed up, your bag needs to be one that can transition well from the office to a place like a cocktail bar. So do your shoes. Almond-toe pumps, kitten heels, and calf-high boots with a heel come to mind.


Professional tastes mean a look is kept understated, classy, and straightforward. A purse for work seamlessly fits this look, even if it adds a splash of color like red, green, or a detailed chestnut. Consider chic little flats or black pumps.


If you like to keep things uncomplicated, you might be the person who is either always on the move, frequently changing your clothes, or constantly traveling. You love a luxury bag with accessible compartments. You might be drawn towards slip-on sneakers, brand-name slides, or fur-trimmed slipper boots—anything that will get you through TSA in a flash.

Matching a pair of shoes to your luxury designer work bag is not required. However, it can enhance the look of your complete outfit exponentially. You’ll find many fashion-forward ways to partner casual shoes with sophisticated designer work bags. Hopefully, you are encouraged to try these for yourself and make commuting to work, going to the gym, and preparing for work trips with a traveler bag a leisurely yet chic experience. Alternatively, you might enjoy a classic professional vibe wherever you go. Ultimately, your bag will get more attention than your shoes, but the right pair of shoes can make you feel more confident in how you carry yourself and your accessories.

Matching a pair of shoes


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How to Partner Your Designer Bag with a Pair of Shoes

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