9 Common Roofing Problems Homeowners Encounter

Roofing Problems

Did you know that 40 percent of building-related issues are a result of water intrusion into the building? Needless to say, roofing problems are no laughing matter when it comes to the integrity of your home. Your home roofing is in place to keep you and your family safe but also to help preserve the components of your home.

This means that you should be vigilant when it comes to roofing issues and scheduling roofing repairs when they’re needed. But what are some of the common residential roofing issues to keep your eyes out for? The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn about the common roofing problems you’ll face as a homeowner.

Continue reading to learn about the nine common roofing problems to look out for.

1. Damaged Shingles

One of the worst things to encounter when it comes to your home’s roofing is damaged shingles. It isn’t out of the ordinary to notice that a few shingles are out of place or damaged. The worst thing that will happen is to have damaged shingles that are lifted up from the roof by severe weather.

This issue causes a hole in your roof that makes for an open passage into your home for water as well as critters. It is important to check your roof to make sure that your shingles are in good condition after storms.

2. Tree Branches

Another common roofing problem that you’ll encounter as a homeowner is tree branches damaging your roof. This is especially true if you live in a home surrounded by trees. A good approach to take is to make sure that you keep the tree branches near your home trimmed to prevent the possibility of damage.

When the tree branches rest on your roof they’ll gradually decrease the strength and stability which will cause your home’s roof to sag.

3. Leaky Roof

It won’t take long for you to notice a leaky roof, but if you don’t find the best roofing company, like Point Roofing, then you’re going to experience severe water damage within your home. The worst part is that leaky roofs don’t need much time to cause hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home’s interior.

4. Failing Granules

This issue applies the most to homes that have asphalt shingles on the roof. Asphalt shingles have a coating that is designed to absorb the ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun. At some point during their lifespan, these shingles will start to lose their coating. This causes bald areas on your shingles.

You’ll notice the failing granules as areas that are discolored compared to the shingles around them. If this happens your roof will start to become weak and susceptible to other issues.

5. Damaged or Full Gutters

Your gutters are in place to help direct water off of your roof and onto the ground. A damaged or full gutter is a big problem because the water from big storms won’t have a proper place to go. This means that it will soak and saturate the ground around your home and might even cause flooding if you have a basement.

The good news is that most roofs have gutters that are easy to detach and cleanout to prevent clogging and other issues.

6. Poor Ventilation

Ventilation is vital to the longevity of your home’s roof for a variety of reasons. This is especially true if your home has an attic. It allows the warm air that gathers in your attic a pathway to exit while drawing in more cool air in a natural way. This helps to regulate the temperature in your attic and prevents the buildup of moisture.

Without proper ventilation, you could discover a buildup of wood rot or even mold in your attic. It will also cause damage to your shingles and increase your energy bills.

7. Rotten Soffit Boards

Your home’s soffit boards are another area that is vulnerable to the elements. This board is part of your roof’s overhang and large amounts of snowfall can cause it to detach from the overall structure of your home. This opens an area for moisture to get into your home’s roof.

From there, it is just a matter of time before your roof starts rotting throughout its structure. After that, you’ll start discovering that you’re sharing your home with critters like squirrels and birds.

8. Too Many Layers

A common roofing issue that you’ll find in residential homes is that the roof has too many layers. While having multiple layers will help to keep moisture and small animals out of your home, it creates other issues. The more layers you add, the more weight that your home needs to support.

This might become even more problematic if one of those layers develops a leak and becomes saturated. This will continue increasing the burden placed on your home’s structure.

9. Splitting Roof

It might seem like your roof is in a constant state of being still and stable, but that isn’t the case. Your roof is always shifting. This, combined with the heat and weather, will cause the shingles on your roof to expand when the summer months arrive. The expansion of these shingles can cause your home’s roof to split.

Even worse, it might cause your roof’s shingles to bump into each other on a consistent basis. This could lead to a nightmare situation where your roof becomes warped and requires extensive roof repairs from the best roofing company near you.

Keep an Eye Out for These Roofing Problems

Roofing problems are one of the biggest concerns of homeowners and with good reason. What starts as roofing issues will quickly turn into other issues like water damage and flooding within your home. It is important to keep an eye out and monitor the status of your residential roofing in order to prevent extensive damage to your roof and your home’s interior.

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9 Common Roofing Problems Homeowners Encounter

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